Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stupidity Abounds In The USA...

Once again stupidity has found its way into a public school administration.

In Warner Robbins, Georgia, last week a fourth grader was going to participate in show and tell in his classroom. He told his father he'd be taking his iPad (at 10 years old?) and a couple of toys to class. Later in the day the boy's father got a call from the school.

“They told me my son brought a weapon to school and they asked me if I was aware,” the boy's father told WMAZ-TV. ”I asked them what it was and they said it was a plastic Nerf gun.”

The father said he did not know the boy was going to take the Nerf gun and would have instructed him not to take it had he known. “He (the boy) told me he didn’t know they would think it was a weapon or he wouldn’t have brought it to school,” dad said.

Gee - how bad is it when the 10 year old is smarter than the school administrators? The boy was suspended from school for three days for bringing a piece of molded plastic that shoots foam rubber projectiles because the school labeled it a "weapon." Maybe, if they still have dictionaries at the school, they should look up the definition of the word.

Weapon: a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. Nerf guns shoot foam rubber projectiles. Maybe, if you hit the other person with the actual gun, you could cause physical damage. Or I suppose if you got hit directly in the eye by one of the projectiles it could hurt it. But please - we're talking about Nerf.

In other stupid school news, the United School District of Freemont, California, has recently adopted a new curriculum for its health education classes. The textbooks, titled “Your Health Today” teach 15 year old children about sadomasochism, sex toys, masturbation and orgasms, complete with explicit pictures. It also explains in detail how to buy and use condoms.

The district teachers voted unanimously to use the book, which has angered many parents. To date over 1000 parents have signed a petition demanding the book not be a part of the 9th grade curriculum.

What kind of teacher decides that it's OK to teach 15 year olds about sadomasochism and sex toys, let alone masturbation and orgasms? When did this become the duty of the school district? I understand that sex education is common in high schools around the nation but I think explicit text and pictures are a bit much. That's what parents are for.

As the country gets more and more liberal and morals decline, schools are telling our children its OK to have sex if they want and now it seems they're giving them graphic details on how to do it.

Collectivism is a liberal progressive word that even President Obama has used. It's a good word for this particular topic - because America is losing its collective mind.

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