Friday, August 1, 2014

Obama's Complete Failure In The Middle East

When Barack Obama took assumed the duties of the Office of the President of the United States in January of 2009, Israel was our friend and strong ally, Iran was nowhere near attaining a nuclear weapon, Syria was fairly peaceful, as was Egypt, and Iraq was mostly controlled by coalition forces. Russia was behaving itself for the most part. America stood strong in the world, both militarily and morally. We were still the peacekeepers of the world. As has been said in the past - when America is a strong presence in the world the world is a safer place.

Look how much has changed in the last 5-1/2 years. Iran is weeks (or months) away from a nuclear weapon and the Obama administration keeps making deals with them and lifting sanctions instead of dropping the hammer on them and hurting them economically. Syria has been in a civil war (with our President on the side of the rebels) and the US is funding the rebels, who are backed by Al Qaeda and who spawned the group that is now known as ISIS or the Islamic State - a radical Islamic terrorist organization worse than the original Al Qaeda.

With our help Egypt ousted President Mubarik and replaced him with Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who wanted to implement Sharia law in Egypt. The Egyptian people revolted and ousted Morsi in just a short time, electing Defense Minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi overwhelmingly and ignoring the wishes of President Obama.

At least half of Iraq has been taken over by ISIS. Shi'ites are being murdered by the thousands and Christians in Iraq have been told to either leave, convert, pay a tax or be killed. Thousands of Christians have already been murdered as well. ISIS controls Tikrit, Mosul, Ramadi, Kirkuk and Fallujah. ISIS controls most of the Northern and Western portion of Iraq, with the exception of the far Northeast which is still controlled by the Kurds. They are mere miles from Baghdad. All this after American lost over 4000 men and women in the course of liberating the Iraqi people. And President Obama refuses to do anything.

Russia has taken control of Crimea by force and is moving against Ukraine. Obama has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to cease and desist and Putin has basically laughed in his face. A civilian airliner was shot down over the Ukraine/Russian border recently, killing 295 innocent civilians, and the Russians are the only ones who could have supplied the weapon and the training capable of doing it. Putin is also backing Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons. Probably not smart on his part but he's doing it, nevertheless.

Speaking of Christians being killed, Coptic Christians in Egypt are also being killed by Muslim radicals while ISIS continues to murder Christians in Iraq. President Obama not only has taken no action he hasn't even mentioned it. He professes to be a Christian (or at least he used to) but says absolutely nothing about Islamic terrorists killing Christians throughout the Middle East.

The worst offense of this administration, in my opinion, is the way President Obama and his administration have turned their backs on Israel, supporting a recognized terrorist organization in their fight against our ally. President Obama has recently sent $7 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority in Gaza for "humanitarian aid" and has asked for more. The problem with that is the Palestinian Authority recently joined forces with the terrorist group Hamas, who has been waging war on Israel for the past month. The people of Gaza voted for Hamas rule in their government yet the Obama administration is still sending them money. Hamas has made it clear they will not cease their actions against Israel and has threatened the United States. And still Obama funds them. That's two Islamic terrorist organizations he's now funding.

The only real way to stop Obama is for the Republicans to campaign like never before to win both the House and Senate in November and come January, impeach him as an enemy of the state. Funding terrorist organizations that have called for the destruction of the US and her allies is an impeachable offense. Unilaterally granting amnesty to illegal aliens, ignoring the Constitution and bypassing Congress, which the President has already said he would do, is an impeachable offense once it's done.

America's standing in the world has been decreased by this President, and purposely so. He cannot be allowed to finish his term lest we fall even further. Republicans and independents, the ball is in your court. Stop complaining about Obama and put out plans and information the American voters can get behind. Simply criticizing Obama without offering solutions won't work. It's time you earned your votes.

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