Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste....


 adjective \ən-ˈküth\: behaving in a rude way : not polite or socially acceptable

The above definition is from Merriam-Webster. 

If there was a picture to go beside the definition it should be this one:

That is a picture of one of the Democrat registration booths currently set up in Ferguson, Missouri. Note in the center of the street on the left side of the picture. That's the very spot where Michael Brown died. The other location is in front of the QT station that was torched by the protesters during the first night of protests.

The uncouth behavior of liberals is sometimes unbelievable. Michael Brown hasn't even been buried yet and liberals, led by none other than Al "I'll Do Anything To Raise Money From Racial Tension" Sharpton, are telling residents to register to vote in memory of Michael Brown. 

Yesterday, Sharpton denounced the release of video showing Michael Brown involved in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store (the very video Eric Holder tried to suppress) as "insulting."

“I have never in all my years seen something as offensive and insulting as a police chief releasing a tape of a young man trying to smear him before we even have his funeral or his burial,” Sharpton said. 

Really Al? So how offensive is it to open voter registration booths at the crime scene before the funeral? I guess that's different, huh?

Speaking of offensive - "Reverend" Jesse arrived in town the other day and immediately started soliciting funds for his causes. I guess he can't help himself. Apparently it was offensive and insulting enough for the people of Ferguson to show Jesse their displeasure. They booed him.

Is it wrong of me to have difficulty referring to either Sharpton or Jackson as "Reverend" given their long histories of extorting money through race baiting? My father was a Reverend. He did take up a collection each Sunday but it wasn't for his own gain. And he certainly wasn't wealthy or famous. Nor did he engage in creating public controversy to further his own fame and income.

Liberal/progressive Democrats will do whatever it takes to win elections. This pathetic display proves it. Part of me can't help but wonder how many times Michael Brown has been registered to vote since the booths were set up....?


  1. You knew they would go there

  2. I didn't know they would do this even before the funeral. Hopefully they'll stay late tonight and get gassed...