Monday, February 22, 2016

Democrats, Republicans And The Female Vote

I saw a meme earlier today that said “A woman voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

My first thought was that a woman who votes Republican is a woman who educates herself with facts and makes up her own mind rather than buying into the Democrat hype of the 'Republican War on Women.'

Women who vote Republican understand that if you strip away the liberal lies and look at the facts, it's the Democrats who lie to women, trying to gain their support by misleading them.

Let's look at a couple of primary examples of the lies being told by the liberals.

They like to say that if you oppose 'abortion at any time for any reason' then you are against women. They also say if you don't want to pay for 'morning after' pills for women you are denying them health care.


As a rule, Republicans and conservatives are against killing babies in-utero. They believe life begins at conception and that a fetus is not just non-viable tissue until the day it is born. Medical science has advanced to the point where babies born pre-maturely have a highly increased chance of survival.

They oppose Democrats on the issue, who believe that a baby can and should be killed at the mother's request up to and including the time of actual birth, if the mother so decides. 

Hillary Clinton used to be fond of saying “It's for the children,” when she had a particular issue or policy she wanted to advance. Yet the children take a back seat to the whims of the mother in the Democrat world.

Opposing abortion on demand is not a war on women. It's a war to protect innocent lives from those who simply believe babies are unimportant.

As for the morning after pill... pro-life advocates, particularly Christian groups, are not against women's health care or contraception. They simply do not want to be forced to finance a pill that will abort an unborn fetus. Nothing about that suggests that women shouldn't be in control of their bodies or be prevented from taking that pill if so desired. It merely says “We don't want to pay for it.”

If you think clearly about it, it's quite ironic that women tell politicians to stay out of their uteri, yet demand that politicians provide them with health care and contraception. Can you have one without the other? I think not.

For the most part, women who vote Republican are informed and passionate about what they want in the American political arena. They vote based on the issues and what is important to them – God, family, country. They're for freedom and individual liberties. And even though they have uteri, they truly want the government to be kept out of them.

It's sad that so many women are duped by the liberal platform when liberals care only about votes and not about women in general. Madeline Albright said recently that there is a special place in Hell for women who don't support Hillary Clinton. Personally, I think there is a special place in Hell for those who do.