Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did The Liberal Media Miss A Cheap Shot At President Trump??

Dear liberal media -

The other evening it was reported that President Trump had dinner with family and friends at his Washington International Hotel. It was reported that he picked up the tabs not only for his party but also for Secretary of State Tillerson and his wife, who happened to be having dinner at the same restaurant that evening.

At the end of the article I was reading it said that the President gave his waiter a $100 bill as a tip. I did some research (for you) and can't help but wonder if that $100 bill was enough.

According to the article, there were six people at President Trump's table, including him. It said they started off with three shrimp cocktails, divided by all. According to the online restaurant menu, those shrimp cocktails are $24 apiece.

The President apparently had a New York Strip Steak, with ketchup. The steaks are $54 each. I have no idea what sides he had but sides average $12 each with one being $13 and the highest being $16. Let's say he had two sides. That's at least $24 for sides. There were probably dessert and beverage charges as well, depending on what he drank. Desserts average about $12. So far we're up to $150.00 just for Trump's meal and the appetizers.

It's likely that the other five meals at his table were close to $100 apiece since the least expensive entree is $32 and the most expensive is $64. And I doubt anyone was deliberately getting the least expensive thing.

The total bill was most likely over $500, easily. The average tip these days has gone up to 20% for good wait service. Twenty percent of $500 is $100 exactly. If the bill was more than $500 then Trump's tip should have been more.

I recommend you do some research into this to see exactly how much that meal cost. Imaging being able to post the headline “Donald Trump Proves He's A Cheapskate!”

I'm somewhat amazed you haven't thought of this yourselves. I mean - if I can come up with this on my own I can't believe you didn't! After all, you're the experts at making stuff up.

I guess it's been a bad week for you, what with the President biting you on a regular basis.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

He's "Not My President!" Uh... Wrong

To all who attended the “Not My President” rallies yesterday – I truly hope you enjoyed yourselves and were happy with the day's events. I hope that joy of self worth and accomplishment carried on through the evening and even into this morning. Because I've got a big dose of reality for you today.

If you are in this country illegally and marched yesterday then you accurately represented yourself. If you're an illegal alien in the United States then Trump is not your President – because this is not your country.

Now comes the difficult part. If you are a citizen of the United States, whether natural born or naturalized, Donald Trump is your President. It matters not whether or not you're happy about it. We have Presidential elections every four years. Only one side can win. If your side wins then your candidate is President over all. If your side doesn't win then the other candidate is President over all. And that includes you. You can deny it, denounce him, protest, be angry, be furious, and fill yourselves with hatred for the President and his supporters but the reality is he's your President. Period.

Let me put it in a way that Trump haters might understand. In the words of his predecessor, Barack Obama.... “Elections have consequences.”

The consequences of the most recent election are that Donald Trump is the legally elected President of the United States and will be for at least the next four years. You don't have to like it. But you can't change it.

You think your protests are somehow going to change the fact that Trump won. They're not. What you are accomplishing is showing the country and the world how immature adults behave when they don't get their way.

Remember in 2008 and 2012, when Obama won, and a large number of Republicans and conservatives rioted in the streets, vandalized cars and buildings, set fires, blocked streets and highways, and assaulted anyone who voted Democrat? Remember when that happened?

Of course you don't – because it didn't. We didn't like Obama winning. But we dealt with it like adults.

Keep protesting if you wish. That is your constitutional right. But keep an eye on the TV coverage of the protests and the aftermaths. The Trump administration has given the go-ahead to law enforcement agencies to deal with violent protesters as necessary and prosecute them when caught.

I've read that many of those arrested on Inauguration Day are facing ten years in prison. You might want to rethink the violence. Ten years would keep you in prison until well after Trump finishes his second term.

Just a thought.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

"A Day Without Immigrants" - Misguided Or Deliberate Indifference?

So today some people are holding "A Day Without Immigrants," another misguided left-wing show. No one has banned immigrants from coming to the United States. The President has placed a temporary travel ban on 7 countries deemed a security risk until more in-depth vetting can be accomplished. Immigration has not been banned. The President is also enforcing our immigration laws and causing people who are here illegally to be returned to their native countries. Also perfectly legal. And that doesn't ban immigration either. It simply enforces the already-in-place laws that say you must follow certain procedures if you want to immigrate to this country.
The whole "A Day Without Immigrants" stunt ignores the word "illegal." These people believe the United States shouldn't have borders - that anyone should be allowed to enter the United States at any time for any reason. When that happens there will no longer be a United States of America. A country without laws cannot survive.
The sad thing is that the new President of the United States had to immigration laws after the last four Presidents did little to nothing about illegal entry by foreign nationals. Illegal aliens flooded our borders in 2014. Those who were caught were bussed, by the Obama administration, to various places around the country, given court summons, and released.
There was another large influx of people entering the country illegally between the time Trump was elected and the day he took office. ICE agents say the influx was even worse than in 2014.
So for all participating in "A Day Without Immigrants" I would say have a good time. It's not effecting my life that you're demonstrating your ignorance of, or blatantly ignoring, what's actually going on. Trump is right on these issues and is abiding by written federal law. Your protests are not going to change his mind or change the laws.
If you want to change the laws write to your elected representatives. You should have time to do it since you didn't go to work today. And good luck with that.

Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real

Liberals have been going crazy since Trump's election but it's gotten worse since he took office. From rioting in the streets to completely unsupported calls for his impeachment, and even calls for his assassination, the left is losing its collective mind.

Recently, liberal hypocrite Michael Moore and CNN talk show host Sally Kohn have stated that Trump needs to resign or be impeached so that Hillary Clinton can take over as President. They prove to the American people that A) they don't understand what legally happens when a President is removed or cannot fulfill the duties of the office, or B) they are so overzealous in their hatred of Trump and their love of Clinton that they wish to simply ignore the Constitution and install their queen in the White House by any means necessary. I suspect the latter.

It is now looking like Trump's former NSA chief, Mike Flynn, was sabotaged by Obama leftovers in the intelligence community. Questions need to be answered. Who was monitoring his phone calls and why? And who leaked the information to the media? People in the intelligence community who are working against the President of the United States, working to sabotage his administration, are committing treason. It's that simple.

Liberal heads are exploding nationwide because of Trump's “Muslim ban,” which really isn't. The travel ban from specific countries, identified by the last administration, is in no way, shape or form a Muslim ban. But facts no longer matter to those with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The only thing that matters is their hatred.

Liberals are also going crazy because President Trump is deporting illegal aliens who have committed crimes here in the United States. Why this is a problem for anyone is beyond me. After 8 years of lax border enforcement and illegals flowing across the border in waves, Trump is actually doing something about it. And no - he is not breaking up families. Families are more than welcome to go with their parent(s) back to their native country. The ones who enter illegally are at fault here - not Trump.

Then there is California. Governor Jerry Brown basically declared war on Trump and his immigration policies, making California a sanctuary state for illegals. It is estimated that Brown spends over $25 billion on illegals each year. He is also building, at taxpayers' expense, a high speed railway that Californians don't really need. The cost of that is about $100 billion.

Brown has his priorities, it seems. But now he wants the federal government to give him money to fix the failing Oroville dam. He spends state money on things they either don't need or that they should not be funding and asks you and me to pay to repair the dam. (I read this morning that Trump has approved the funding because people's lives are in danger. Personally, I think Trump should have said “Make some changes to your spending and pay for it yourself.” But that's me.)

The liberals like to compare Trump to Hitler and his administration to the Nazis - yet he's done nothing even remotely similar to that regime. It's Trump Derangement Syndrome at it's finest. And it's a real disorder.

Liberals like to say Trump is a liar. Yet their presidential candidate was called a liar by none other than the Director of the FBI and they didn't care. And how about all those celebrities who promised to leave the country if Trump was elected - only to renege on those promises when reality hit them in the face?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is dissolving friendships, causing family members to stop talking to each other, and has even got college kids saying they will cut off their genitals... which could do wonders for reducing the numbers of next-generation liberals.

As I watch the daily drama of the TDS sufferers I don't know whether to make popcorn and enjoy the show or sadly shake my head in wonder. Some days it's both.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker: "I'm Afraid Some Trump Supporter Will Shoot Me"

Liberals truly are baffling sometimes. Case in point – actress Sarah Jessica Parker said recently that since Donald Trump got elected President she lives in fear that she and her husband, Matthew Broderick, might be assaulted or shot by a Trump supporter.

Really, Sarah? May I call you Sarah?

Just so you feel better let me point out some truths to you. Have you paid attention to all of the demonstrations against President Trump going on across the nation? Have you paid attention to the violence? Those aren't Trump supporters. Those are liberal anarchists who align their political views with yours, for the most part.

Have you paid attention to some of your fellow celebrities who call for President Trump to be assassinated? Have you figured out that those aren't Trump supporters either?

The only people in the country who are advocating and/or participating in violence are liberals. To my knowledge, the only violence advocated by Trump supporters is a threat to stand up to the anarchists who are rioting in the streets. So unless you're one of those anarchists who is out there destroying things, setting fires, and assaulting innocent citizens, I'm pretty sure you're in no danger.

You can live in your cocoon of irrational fear if you wish. It's a free country. But until someone wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat comes up to you and actually does something it would be better if you don't generalize. You should fear the liberal anarchists most of all. Based on their recent actions (vandalizing businesses that supported Hillary, assaulting some of their own, assaulting people who wear red hats – regardless of what the hat actually has on it, etc.) you're in far more danger among those with whom you align. 

Have an insightful day.