Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did The Liberal Media Miss A Cheap Shot At President Trump??

Dear liberal media -

The other evening it was reported that President Trump had dinner with family and friends at his Washington International Hotel. It was reported that he picked up the tabs not only for his party but also for Secretary of State Tillerson and his wife, who happened to be having dinner at the same restaurant that evening.

At the end of the article I was reading it said that the President gave his waiter a $100 bill as a tip. I did some research (for you) and can't help but wonder if that $100 bill was enough.

According to the article, there were six people at President Trump's table, including him. It said they started off with three shrimp cocktails, divided by all. According to the online restaurant menu, those shrimp cocktails are $24 apiece.

The President apparently had a New York Strip Steak, with ketchup. The steaks are $54 each. I have no idea what sides he had but sides average $12 each with one being $13 and the highest being $16. Let's say he had two sides. That's at least $24 for sides. There were probably dessert and beverage charges as well, depending on what he drank. Desserts average about $12. So far we're up to $150.00 just for Trump's meal and the appetizers.

It's likely that the other five meals at his table were close to $100 apiece since the least expensive entree is $32 and the most expensive is $64. And I doubt anyone was deliberately getting the least expensive thing.

The total bill was most likely over $500, easily. The average tip these days has gone up to 20% for good wait service. Twenty percent of $500 is $100 exactly. If the bill was more than $500 then Trump's tip should have been more.

I recommend you do some research into this to see exactly how much that meal cost. Imaging being able to post the headline “Donald Trump Proves He's A Cheapskate!”

I'm somewhat amazed you haven't thought of this yourselves. I mean - if I can come up with this on my own I can't believe you didn't! After all, you're the experts at making stuff up.

I guess it's been a bad week for you, what with the President biting you on a regular basis.

You're welcome.

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