Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real

Liberals have been going crazy since Trump's election but it's gotten worse since he took office. From rioting in the streets to completely unsupported calls for his impeachment, and even calls for his assassination, the left is losing its collective mind.

Recently, liberal hypocrite Michael Moore and CNN talk show host Sally Kohn have stated that Trump needs to resign or be impeached so that Hillary Clinton can take over as President. They prove to the American people that A) they don't understand what legally happens when a President is removed or cannot fulfill the duties of the office, or B) they are so overzealous in their hatred of Trump and their love of Clinton that they wish to simply ignore the Constitution and install their queen in the White House by any means necessary. I suspect the latter.

It is now looking like Trump's former NSA chief, Mike Flynn, was sabotaged by Obama leftovers in the intelligence community. Questions need to be answered. Who was monitoring his phone calls and why? And who leaked the information to the media? People in the intelligence community who are working against the President of the United States, working to sabotage his administration, are committing treason. It's that simple.

Liberal heads are exploding nationwide because of Trump's “Muslim ban,” which really isn't. The travel ban from specific countries, identified by the last administration, is in no way, shape or form a Muslim ban. But facts no longer matter to those with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The only thing that matters is their hatred.

Liberals are also going crazy because President Trump is deporting illegal aliens who have committed crimes here in the United States. Why this is a problem for anyone is beyond me. After 8 years of lax border enforcement and illegals flowing across the border in waves, Trump is actually doing something about it. And no - he is not breaking up families. Families are more than welcome to go with their parent(s) back to their native country. The ones who enter illegally are at fault here - not Trump.

Then there is California. Governor Jerry Brown basically declared war on Trump and his immigration policies, making California a sanctuary state for illegals. It is estimated that Brown spends over $25 billion on illegals each year. He is also building, at taxpayers' expense, a high speed railway that Californians don't really need. The cost of that is about $100 billion.

Brown has his priorities, it seems. But now he wants the federal government to give him money to fix the failing Oroville dam. He spends state money on things they either don't need or that they should not be funding and asks you and me to pay to repair the dam. (I read this morning that Trump has approved the funding because people's lives are in danger. Personally, I think Trump should have said “Make some changes to your spending and pay for it yourself.” But that's me.)

The liberals like to compare Trump to Hitler and his administration to the Nazis - yet he's done nothing even remotely similar to that regime. It's Trump Derangement Syndrome at it's finest. And it's a real disorder.

Liberals like to say Trump is a liar. Yet their presidential candidate was called a liar by none other than the Director of the FBI and they didn't care. And how about all those celebrities who promised to leave the country if Trump was elected - only to renege on those promises when reality hit them in the face?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is dissolving friendships, causing family members to stop talking to each other, and has even got college kids saying they will cut off their genitals... which could do wonders for reducing the numbers of next-generation liberals.

As I watch the daily drama of the TDS sufferers I don't know whether to make popcorn and enjoy the show or sadly shake my head in wonder. Some days it's both.

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