Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker: "I'm Afraid Some Trump Supporter Will Shoot Me"

Liberals truly are baffling sometimes. Case in point – actress Sarah Jessica Parker said recently that since Donald Trump got elected President she lives in fear that she and her husband, Matthew Broderick, might be assaulted or shot by a Trump supporter.

Really, Sarah? May I call you Sarah?

Just so you feel better let me point out some truths to you. Have you paid attention to all of the demonstrations against President Trump going on across the nation? Have you paid attention to the violence? Those aren't Trump supporters. Those are liberal anarchists who align their political views with yours, for the most part.

Have you paid attention to some of your fellow celebrities who call for President Trump to be assassinated? Have you figured out that those aren't Trump supporters either?

The only people in the country who are advocating and/or participating in violence are liberals. To my knowledge, the only violence advocated by Trump supporters is a threat to stand up to the anarchists who are rioting in the streets. So unless you're one of those anarchists who is out there destroying things, setting fires, and assaulting innocent citizens, I'm pretty sure you're in no danger.

You can live in your cocoon of irrational fear if you wish. It's a free country. But until someone wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat comes up to you and actually does something it would be better if you don't generalize. You should fear the liberal anarchists most of all. Based on their recent actions (vandalizing businesses that supported Hillary, assaulting some of their own, assaulting people who wear red hats – regardless of what the hat actually has on it, etc.) you're in far more danger among those with whom you align. 

Have an insightful day.


  1. No Worries Jessica the mentally imbalanced are never shot! It is bad Mojo!

  2. Ferris Bueler and the Sex in the City lady need to get their faces out there. Not much happening for them in Follywood anymore.