Monday, January 16, 2017

Dear Liberal Trump Haters....

Remember back in 2008 when Barack Obama was first elected President and people who opposed him began saying “He's not my President?” Remember how angry that made you? Remember how you insisted that he was everyone's President regardless of political persuasion because he was the duly, legally elected President?

How things change when your candidate doesn't win, huh?

Remember back in 2008 when a group of Republicans and conservatives, many famous, publicly stated that if Barack Obama was elected President they would leave the country?

Yeah... me neither.

Remember in January of 2009, as the inauguration of the first black President loomed, Republicans and conservatives talked about disrupting the inauguration and preventing Obama supporters from attending by creating havoc in Washington DC? Remember how we threatened to disrupt all of the celebratory activities as the day went on?

Yeah... me neither.

Remember all of those angry Republican politicians who announced they were boycotting the inauguration because their candidate didn't win?

Yeah... me neither.

Remember how Republican and conservative celebrities went on TV and talked trash about Barack Obama just days before the election? Remember how they asked the Electoral College to ignore the vote and the rules and make John McCain President? Remember how those celebrities hosted anti-Obama events on Inauguration Day in an attempt to distract people from the actual ceremony?

Yeah... me neither.

Remember that one Republican celebrity who took to the internet and demanded martial law be put into effect to prevent Obama from assuming office?

Yeah... me neither.

What I remember was the peaceful transition of power from George W. Bush to Barack Obama in a centuries-old tradition, the way it's supposed to be. No riots, no threats, no disruption of events.

That's because we're adults and know how to deal appropriately with our disappointment.

I find it rather sad that, should you go through with your plans to disrupt the inauguration, January 20, 2017, will be remembered by the world as the day billionaire business man Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, and the day that many liberals in the United States proved how childish and socially inept they really are.

Grow up.

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