Thursday, February 16, 2017

"A Day Without Immigrants" - Misguided Or Deliberate Indifference?

So today some people are holding "A Day Without Immigrants," another misguided left-wing show. No one has banned immigrants from coming to the United States. The President has placed a temporary travel ban on 7 countries deemed a security risk until more in-depth vetting can be accomplished. Immigration has not been banned. The President is also enforcing our immigration laws and causing people who are here illegally to be returned to their native countries. Also perfectly legal. And that doesn't ban immigration either. It simply enforces the already-in-place laws that say you must follow certain procedures if you want to immigrate to this country.
The whole "A Day Without Immigrants" stunt ignores the word "illegal." These people believe the United States shouldn't have borders - that anyone should be allowed to enter the United States at any time for any reason. When that happens there will no longer be a United States of America. A country without laws cannot survive.
The sad thing is that the new President of the United States had to immigration laws after the last four Presidents did little to nothing about illegal entry by foreign nationals. Illegal aliens flooded our borders in 2014. Those who were caught were bussed, by the Obama administration, to various places around the country, given court summons, and released.
There was another large influx of people entering the country illegally between the time Trump was elected and the day he took office. ICE agents say the influx was even worse than in 2014.
So for all participating in "A Day Without Immigrants" I would say have a good time. It's not effecting my life that you're demonstrating your ignorance of, or blatantly ignoring, what's actually going on. Trump is right on these issues and is abiding by written federal law. Your protests are not going to change his mind or change the laws.
If you want to change the laws write to your elected representatives. You should have time to do it since you didn't go to work today. And good luck with that.

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