Monday, August 11, 2014

President Obama Whining Again....

In an interview with New York Times' columnist, Tom Friedman, last week, President Obama began to whine about Republicans, particularly Tea Party affiliates, preventing him from moving forward with his agenda. He says it's because of bias and big money on the part of those on the right, completely ignoring the fact that Obama's agenda is completely opposite of proven conservative policies and principles. 

“What you’ve seen with our politics, partly because of gerrymandering, partly because of the Balkanization of media so people just watch what reinforces their deepest biases, partly because of big money in politics, is increasingly politicians are rewarded for taking the most extreme, maximalist positions,” Obama told the liberal Times columnist. “Sooner or later, that catches up with you. You end up not being able to move forward on things we need to move forward on. We need to reform our immigration system. That would be good not just for our domestic economy but for our position in the world. You travel around Latin America—nothing would more reinforce an admiration for the United States than us doing that. We need to rebuild our infrastructure. You go to the Singapore airport and then you come back to one of our airports and you say, huh? We’re not acting like a superpower.”

“We need to revamp our education system, K-12 in particular. You look at what Finland’s doing with its kids, and you look at what we’re doing with our kids, and you say, ‘we’re falling short.’ All these things are doable. Our fiscal position, actually, now is such—you know, the deficit’s been cut by more than half—where we’re in a position to make some smart investments that have huge payoffs, that historically have not been controversial, historically have garnered bipartisan support. But because of this maximalist ideological position, we’ve been blocked. I have to say here, I’ve been speaking in generalities, and trying not to be too political, but that ideological extremism and maximalist position is much more prominent right now in the Republican Party than the Democrats. Democrats have problems, but overall if you look at the Democratic consensus, it’s a pretty commonsense, mainstream consensus. It’s not a lot of wacky ideological nonsense, the way it is generally fact-based and reason-based. We’re not denying science, we’re not denying climate change, we’re not pretending that somehow having a whole bunch of uninsured people is the American way. We’re doing things that are pretty sensible. I’m optimistic that these things go in cycles, and that the Republican Party will eventually free itself from the grip of this kind of extremist ideology. But it’s necessary to happen soon.”

Let's talk immigration reform. No President or party is serious about immigration reform when they completely ignore the crisis on our Southern border and refuse to secure the border to stop the influx of tens of thousands of illegals from entering the country. No President or party can be serious about immigration reform when they refuse to even use the term "illegals" and instead call them "undocumented immigrants." No President or party can be serious about immigration reform when they completely ignore the immigration laws we already have and instead instruct Border Patrol agents and law enforcement agents to stop arresting people who are in the country illegally.

Let's talk infrastructure. Obama has been talking about rebuilding roads and bridges since the 2008 campaign. He's now halfway through his fifth year as President and is still talking about it. There have been a few roads and bridges that have had work done (with millions of dollars of signs posted that praise the Obama administration for doing it) but overall he hasn't done much. It's a talking point only, and it's getting old.

In the field of education the Obama administration is pushing Common Core. There are so many things wrong with Common Core it's difficult to make a short list. But as one education expert told Business Insider recently: 

"I think it's kind of counterintuitive to students getting the big picture because they're required to test so much," he said. "In order to perform well on the test, you have to memorize things. ... You can say we're trying to get them to think more critically and read closely … but at the end, the students take a test, they don't write a long essay where they're forced to think deeply about the issue."

Many teachers are beginning to realize that so much emphasis is now put on testing that they find themselves teaching the test instead of critical thinking. So what we end up with is memorization - one of the things Common Core insists we need to get away from. (And it's funny - I memorized times tables for math 50 years ago and can still remember them, can still do math problems in my head and absolutely understand how and why it works.)

Want to improve our education system? Get rid of teachers' unions and hire people who really want to teach.

Obama likes to brag about the deficit being cut in half while completely ignoring the national debt that he has increased by nearly 100% in just five years. That's pretty sad for a man who in June of 2008 said about George W. Bush "The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic."

Back then it was unpatriotic to run the debt up by $4 trillion in 8 years. Obama has raised it by nearly 8 trillion in 5 years and somehow that's OK with him and his followers. (Some of his followers blame Bush for that as well.)

Obama and his fans also like to tout their reducing unemployment rate while ignoring the fact that more people have dropped out of the workforce than in any other time in history. They stop counting the people who are no longer looking for work as those people drop off the unemployment records. The workforce has gone from just under 66% in 2009 to under 63% - all on Obama's watch. Unemployment hasn't gone down so much as the number of people on unemployment has been reduced by people who are no longer looking for work.

While the Obama administration says unemployment is under 7%, the actual numbers are more like 14%. But you won't hear the truth about it from Obama and the Democrats.

So yes, Mr. President - many of us on the right are tired of your left-wing, liberal progressive agenda and will do whatever we can to block it. The United States is not a socialist utopia nor do we want to be. And those of us who love freedom, liberty and self-reliance will do our best to maintain them. If that means opposing you at every step because you're pushing progressivism on us then so be it. We've seen what your agenda can do in everything from increasing EPA regulations to the disastrous health care bill you signed. (When's the last time someone actually showed you the real numbers on health care insurance?) 

I'll be voting in November. I'll be voting for the most conservative candidates possible. Anyone who opposes your liberal, progressive agenda will be OK with me - whether or not I agree with everything he/she believes. It's time to take America back - not from a "black President" but from a "failing, liberal President" who is destroying America, her dreams, her standing in the world, and her team of allies worldwide. We're done with your agenda. It stinks.

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