Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ISIS Needs To Be Destroyed

That's the message that President Obama needs to receive and understand. ISIS needs to be destroyed.

For the last several months, from Syria to central Iraq, the Islamic State (IS) formerly known as ISIS, has been systematically killing citizens of both countries who do not follow radical Sunni beliefs. Thousands of Shi'ite Muslims, particularly in Iraq, have been rounded up and murdered if they would not convert to the Sunni side.

Over the last few weeks IS has been performing ethnic cleansing in the areas they control. They started with Muslims but have moved on to eliminating Christians from the region. Initially IS told Christians they had choices. They could leave the area, pay a tax to IS, convert to Islam, or die. Christians in Mosul and Tikrit mostly evacuated. Those who did not were ultimately rounded up and murdered. For the first time in over 2000 years there are no longer Christians in the city of Mosul.

Lately it seems IS is tired of dealing with Christians and giving them options. Instead, they just round them up and murder them. They shoot or behead Christian children, rape and torture their mothers and shoot or hang their fathers. It was reported that one child was actually cut in half.

I have seen numerous videos reportedly taken by IS members (they claim responsibility) that show mass murders of Iraqi civilians, both Christian and Muslim. The world is aghast with horror watching. Yet, President Obama, who professes to be a Christian man, has said nothing about it. How can any Christian sit by and watch that happen and say nothing?

Democrats in Washington, whenever they want to push something through, like to use the phrase "It's for the children." When Boka Haram kidnapped 200 plus girls a few months ago, Democrats, Hollywood celebrities and even the First Lady posted pictures holding (useless) signs about bring them back. Yet Christian children are being butchered every day in Iraq and I've seen no campaign for them. Nor have I seen any reaction from the White House.

Even the main stream, state run media are contributing to our do-nothing approach to these horrors. They won't even use the world "terrorists" when talking about IS. They call them "rebels" or "militants". The left tries to pretend that terrorism doesn't exist. I wonder what they'll call it next time it hits us here in the US? With the borders open and Obama not doing anything about it it's only a matter of time.

Just the other day the President (finally) authorized air strikes against IS - but only against those who posed a threat to Americans in the area. He still refuses to attack them full force and destroy them where they are concentrated. One former military officer said on a show last night "We should be carpet bombing them wherever they gather." I wholeheartedly agree. You don't need boots on the ground when you have B-1s, B-2s and B-52s.

The President won't do it - not even for the children. Is he so afraid of irritating his left wing base by destroying IS that he can simply ignore the continued murders of innocent children? Or is there some other reason he's not preventing this slaughter? Only he and a handful of his associates know the answer to those questions. But one thing is clear. In this case the children don't appear to matter.

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