Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Hillary Sounds Like Dick Cheney..."

I heard that on the radio yesterday. I kid you not. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh - something I enjoy when I'm in my car - and he played a montage of liberal and conservative reporters and anchors talking about Hillary Clinton distancing herself from the Obama administration and his failed foreign policies. I had to laugh at some of their incredibly stupid comments, from both sides of the political aisle.

In an obvious attempt to disassociate herself from the Obama administration, Hillary has come out recently criticizing Obama's handling of the situation in Syria, saying if he'd only armed the rebels earlier they might have been successful by now in overthrowing Assad. (Of course, she ignores the fact that arming the Syrian rebels is what spawned the beginning of the Islamic State (IS), now taking over parts of Syria and Iraq as a caliphate.)

Mrs. Clinton also seems to forget that she was Obama's Secretary of State for his first term and was responsible for for implementing Obama's foreign policies - not to mention complicit in the lies told following the Benghazi murders.

The main stream media, liberal newspapers and surprisingly some unwitting conservatives on Fox, are assisting Mrs. Clinton in distancing herself from the Obama administration, and are saying things like:

BRIAN KILMEADE (Fox): "Hillary Clinton now sounds like Dick Cheney."

LAURA INGRAHAM (Conservative talk show host): "She's much more hawkish."

CHARLES BLOW (New York Times): "Hillary Clinton, always been much more of a hawk."

ERIC BOLLING (Fox): "Hillary Clinton is more of a neocon."

PETER BAKER (New York Times): "She seems to see it more as a long-term existential threat, closer to, in some ways, uhh, the way the previous president - his administration did."

President Obama called Mrs. Clinton's criticism of him a pile of horse hockey - except he used a word that rhymes with "spit." He was not pleased.

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and November 2016. Hillary will get more and more critical of Obama. And being the narcissist he is, Obama will not be able to allow it to go unchallenged. He's going to hit back, and endorse someone other than Hillary for the Democrat nomination. (He was going to do that anyway but now it will be justified.)

Hillary will do whatever she has to do to win. Ol' Bill better be careful because I have no doubt she'll throw him under the bus if he ever stands between her and the Oval Office. After all, just a few weeks ago she let us know her true feelings about being President, telling a reporter "It’s my turn. I’ve done my time, and I deserve it."

Funny how in politics, particularly on the liberal side, anything and everything can be overlooked or forgotten at election time. Your record, your associates, your voting history, and particularly your screwups, can all be forgotten by the media and the voters if you're a liberal. Just take a look at who is President now...

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