Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Jesus Would Have Been A Democrat"... Really?

I got into an interesting discussion yesterday with a liberal who joined a conservative Facebook page. It was obvious from his posts that he was a liberal and it stands to reason that he joined a conservative page to incite anger. I didn't get angry - I was actually amused by him. I got into the discussion because of the following comment that he made. (The statements were copied and posted just like they were on Facebook - spelling and all.)

Matt: Jesus would have been a Democrat. And I pretty Sure God doesn't like the Tea Party.

I just couldn't pass that one up. I had to respond. Call me feisty, call me a right-wing extremist, that's OK. But when someone posts something that says "Jesus would have been a Democrat" it must be answered.

Me: Really, Matt? Jesus would have been a Democrat? So you think Jesus would hate and vilify anyone who disagreed with Him? You think Jesus would have tolerated immoral behavior just because people want to engage in it? You think Jesus would have wanted more and more people dependent on the government for their livelihood instead of making their own way in life? And God wouldn't like the Tea Party? Why is that? I think your knowledge of God and Jesus might be a little skewed. You can't mold them to fit your own standards. That's not how it works.

Matt: Heal the sick, give to the poor, help those in need. That's not a tea party stance is it? The fact that the Tea Party was founded by a Millionaires to fool the common people in to believing that every poor person is dependent on government and every unemployed person is lazy. So in the long run those greedy people can pay less in taxes (give to Caesar what is Caesar's) and pay workers less. He had tolerance toward people different then yep.

Me: Democrats aren't healing the sick. They're forcing the sick to buy health insurance and penalizing them financially if they don't. Giving to the poor and helping those in need was a charge to individuals, not the government. Not once did Jesus say "the government needs to be responsible for taking care of the poor." He said we should do it. Ever look at the statistics of who gives more money to charities? That would be Republicans. Tolerance? You want to talk about tolerance of Democrats? Really? That's laughable. Liberal Democrats don't even know the meaning of the word tolerance. They're tolerant of everyone who agrees with them and hate anyone who doesn't. It's really that simple. Jesus had tolerance and love for others regardless of who they were and what they believed. Democrats are the complete opposite of Jesus.

Matt: I was wrong about the whole god thing (I'm not exactly sure what he meant by that.) you guys are flat out effn Crazy. Do you really think a few people with guns are going to be able to stand up to the most powerful army in the World? And of course your ignorance is showing I feel if you guys read the Bible for yourselves and actually turned off the hate radio. And researched and thought for your selves you would find a better way of thinking. Saying democrats are intolerant is like saying all teapublicans are racist.

Me: Matt - I would tell you to take your own advice but reading the Bible and putting your own liberal spin on it is useless. Find someone who actually knows and understand it and you will learn the truth.

Matt: And as far as healthcare it is now illegal for an insurance company to deny coverage for pre existing conditions. It is more affordable to people that couldn't get it before.(poor) People that needed it to be healed. (Sick) so your point just validated mine.

Me: "Saying democrats are intolerant is like saying all tea party republicans are racist." Funny. This from the man who just said "you guys are flat out effn Crazy." Yup - that's liberal tolerance at it's best. I rest my case. LOL

Me: As for health care - have you checked out the monthly premiums and the new deductible rates? Have you checked out the millions of people who lost their coverage due to the requirements of Obamacare? Have you really checked out the numbers of (poor) people who have purchased health care? Unlike the Obama administration - statistics don't lie.

Matt: No one lost their requirements if you had health insurance before and didn't want to change you didn't have too. If you wanted to change then yes you wouldn't get the same coverage. And over 8 million people have joined. And a lot of people are saving a lot of money.

Me: That's absolute crap, Matt. 6 million people lost their insurance coverage because it didn't meet Obamacare standards. As you suggested earlier - do some research. Liberal lies just aren't good enough. Also do the research about how many of those 8 million who joined actually got coverage. People are now paying 2-4 times as much for their policies and some have up to $12,000 a year in deductibles. You really need to pay more attention to the facts. Seriously.

Matt: Look I'm done this got a lot farther then I wanted to go sorry for the time wasting I will simply unlike/unfollow and we will all be on our ways

Me: Because she mentioned militias she's advocating bloodshed? And what she said about Martial Law makes her crazy? Hmmm. The Obama administration has been getting rid of military officers who won't agree to firing on American citizens. DHS is training more and more for situations of civil unrest. Democrats in Washington are trying to put limits on free speech. And Democrats nationwide are wanting to confiscate guns from legal gun owners. I'd say that's grounds to wonder about Martial Law being instituted. And if it happens, I agree with Kathy that there will be bloodshed. You can call us crazy if you wish but we're looking at facts and not looking through the liberal prism.

Matt was already gone and didn't come back. He apparently didn't like facts getting in the way of his liberal beliefs.

Then a woman named Suzy chimed in with a point that I'm embarrassed I didn't make....

Suzy: Remember - its the Lib Dems who have pushed abortion for decades! Talk about blood ... Jesus was no Dem! u r totally misinformed - to put it nicely. We pray u will see the Light - cuz Time is short.

Suzy types in modern texting shorthand but her point is valid. Jesus probably wouldn't have been a big advocate of abortion. "Suffer the little children, let them come unto me," doesn't exactly translated as "Kill the little children so you don't have to suffer with them later." Nor did he say "If I had a daughter and she made a mistake I wouldn't want her punished with a baby."

Yeah... I doubt Jesus would be a Democrat. And I doubt that God dislikes Tea Party members. I'm thinking God is perfectly fine with those Tea Party members who are sincere in their Christian, conservative beliefs. After all - conservative beliefs include God, family, country and freedom. I don't see how God could have a problem with any of those. But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. Isn't that right, Matt? Matt....?

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