Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are People Really So Blind?

I watch the coverage of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and can't help but wonder what the people condemning Israel are watching.

Contrary to what Nancy Pelosi (who apparently gets her information about Hamas from Qatar, one of their strongest allies) says, Hamas is an organization recognized by the United States as a terrorist group. They kill people, with Jews being the preferred target, in the name of Allah. But they're pretty indiscriminate when it comes to killing. They surround their weapons with civilians, firing rockets from schools and hospitals full of people, then blame Israel if, when their weapons launch site is destroyed, civilians are killed or injured.

UN officials have found rockets and mortars hidden inside UN sponsored schools in Gaza. In their infinite and compassionate "wisdom," they give the weapons back to the terrorists, then turn around and blame Israel for the violence. The ignorance that is spreading about the world is amazing to me.

Last night I watched Geraldo Rivera's show. He made it clear that he blames Israel for the conflict. He interviewed a reporter of Palestinian heritage (who is actually married to a Jew) and her big complaint was "Israelis are interviewed all the time by the news media but very few Palestinians are interviewed. The coverage is not fair." Since the war is with Hamas and they like to hide and attack Israel from the shadows, maybe that's why they're not on TV.

Geraldo interviewed (in his own words) "the smartest man I know," Charles Krauthammer. Krauthammer said the civilian casualties were the fault and responsibility of Hamas because they refuse to cease the violence. Hamas has violated every cease-fire agreement (five total) within hours by firing more rockets and mortars into Israel and on Friday attacking a group of Israeli soldiers who were destroying one of Hamas' tunnels.

Geraldo's question was "Does it really matter at this point who is at fault for the civilian deaths?"

Sadly, Krauthammer's answer of "Yes, it absolutely matters," fell on deaf ears because Rivera is convinced that Israel is the perpetrator of evil in this conflict. Krauthammer asked him what he would do if the United States was under attack and 70% of the population had to hide in bomb shelters daily because of rockets and mortars being fired into our country. Rivera ignored the question and said good-bye.

I never would have imagined that Americans would favor an Islamic terrorist organization over Israel, up to now our strongest ally in the Middle East. The Palestinian people are victims of their own stupidity. They elected Hamas leaders into their government and now those same leaders are using the Palestinians as pawns in their violent chess game. Hamas doesn't care about the Palestinian people. They put those people in harm's way intentionally to further their cause of the destruction of Israel. And gullible Americans drink it in and blame Israel.

Of course, we have stupid public figures, such as Hillary Clinton, who also gives Hamas a pass. "I'm not a military planner but Hamas puts it's missiles, it's rockets in civilian areas, part of it is Gaza is pretty small and its densely populated," she said.

You're correct, Mrs. Clinton. You're not a military planner. And you're not too bright, either.

After Hamas broke five different cease-fire agreements, Israel has announced they will not make another one and they will continue to attack Hamas in Gaza until Hamas has been destroyed. I can't blame them. Israel has said time and time again that if Hamas will stop firing rockets and mortars into Israel there will be peace. But Hamas refuses. Yet some Americans continue to blame Israel. And all I can do is scratch my head in wonder...

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