Friday, July 25, 2014

Obama Sending "Experts" To Southern Border

After months of mostly invisible border security in the Rio Grande valley in Texas, President Obama is finally acknowledging there may be a possible problem that he might have to address... eventually. The Pentagon and the Department of Health and Human Services sent a team of "experts" to the Southern border to "assess the Border Patrol's efforts" in controlling the massive influx of illegals entering the region in the last six months.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has requested National Guard troops be dispatched to assist with border security in the areas where the Border Patrol is being overrun. Perry has vowed to use Texas Guard troops in lieu of federal if the President won't act. According to the governor, over 203,000 illegals have been booked into city and county jails in Texas since 2008. There have been 3000 murders and over 8000 sexual assaults attributed to illegals in Texas in those 5 years.

"The price of inaction is too high for Texas to pay," Perry said.

Up to now the Obama administration seems to have been ignoring the problem at the Southern border, refusing to do anything to secure it and asking for money to care for the thousands of illegals coming into the country daily but asking for no funds to increase border security. The Border Patrol is mostly staging about 45 miles inside the border and is dealing with the thousands who are turning themselves in. How many people are getting through who are not turning themselves in is unknown.

Among those entering the country illegally are members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, better known as MS-13. These young men are known for extreme violence and murder - and they're coming in unabated. Younger ones, under the age of 16, have turned themselves in knowing they will be protected not only by the 2008 law that allows Central American immigrant children to stay in the United States until they receive a hearing but also believing they will be protected by Obama's Dream Act, which allows children under the age of 16 who are in the country illegally to stay. These two acts combined are the main reason so many children are flocking to the United States illegally.

The problem with Obama sending "experts" to the border is that it's still a passive action that simply delays any real action. We need security on the border, not government bureaucrats. Bureaucrats take time, create red tape and often refer their findings to another group of "experts" who will then advise the President on what they believe he should do - thus delaying any real action even longer.

Meanwhile, thousands of people cross the border illegally every day. Inaction by our government means they enter unimpeded.

It's interesting how the President and the Democrats say they want to end poverty in the United States yet poverty in this country grows every day that the borders aren't secure. These people entering the country illegally certainly aren't bringing college degrees and high tech employment skills with them. They will end up living off the taxpayers and/or working for money under the table while collecting federal benefits. They will put more burden on an already hurting economy and dwindling workforce. And still they come.

President Obama has known about this pending crisis as far back as 2002 and did nothing to prepare for it or prevent it, except to have people begin exploring potential housing locations for them. That knowledge is just one more example that makes me wonder what kind of President we have. His inaction threatens our sovereignty, just as his continued funding of Islamic extremists threatens Western civilization as we know it. Even some Democrats are beginning to wonder what Obama is doing. It's time for all of our elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, to impeach Obama before he can do any more damage to the USA and the world. 

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