Saturday, July 19, 2014

Obama In Proxy War Against Netanyahu...?

We've all been watching the developments in Israel during the ongoing and escalating conflict between the Israelis and the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. Hamas refuses to stop firing rockets and mortars into Israel so Israel is raising the stakes - going from air and sea strikes against Hamas to a ground invasion with the intent to take out Hamas and their weapons.

President Obama, for whatever reason, has apparently sided against our strongest ally in the Middle East and has repeatedly asked Israel to "use restraint" when dealing with Hamas. It seems our President believes Israel should simply allow Hamas to continue raining rockets down on the citizens of Israel. I have yet to hear the President demand that Hamas stop attacking Israel.

Worse yet - the Obama administration still regularly sends millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which recently formed a new "government of national unity" which includes Hamas. So basically, if you look at it from a logical perspective, President Obama is not only helping to fund a terrorist organization but is funding a terrorist organization who is attacking Israel. He's fighting a proxy war against a nation who is considered one of our strongest, if not our strongest ally. Who's side is the American President on?

The White House reports that President Obama spoke recently with Prime Minister Netanyahu and "reiterated U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas rockets being fired from Gaza." Obama certainly hasn't said that out loud very often.

Netanyahu is a brilliant man and a true leader. Even though he hasn't said so publicly, I'm guessing his friendship and alliance with Obama is waning. I have no doubt Israel is a friend and ally to the United States just as most Americans are a friend to Israel. I'm just skeptical of Obama's loyalties and I'm sure Netanyahu is as well. If I was Netanyahu I would only trust Obama when I was looking him in the eye. And I wouldn't turn my back on him for a minute.

Netanyahu should demand that Obama stop sending money to the friend and new ally of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority. But why would Obama do that when he helped arm ISIS in Syria? Once you begin assisting Islamic terrorists is it possible to stop - particularly if its what you really want to do?

I must ask again - who's side is Obama on? He befriends and defends (and apparently assists) our enemies, even though it hasn't helped us in the least, and he shuns our allies. You know the old saying: "With friends like that..."

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