Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Short Speech From History...

There are those who subvert morality as a means to gain or entrench power.

There are those who believing themselves liberals, chart a course that can but lead to destruction.

There are those cynically inclined whose restless impulse is ever seeking change.

There are those who are constantly trying to alter our basic concepts of freedom.

There are those who seek to prevent men from fearlessly speaking their minds according to the dictates of their conscience.

There are those who plan to limit our individual right to share in the sovereign power of the people.

There are those who seek to subvert government from being the guardian of the people's rights to make it an instrument of despotic power.

There are those who plan to alter the Constitutional checks & balances established to preserve the integrity of our coordinate branches.

There are those who seek to make the burden of taxation so great and the progressive increase so alarming that the spirit of adventure, tireless energy and masterful initiative which built the material strength of the nation shall become stultified and inert.

There are those who seek to make all men servants of the state.

There are those who seek to change our system of free & private enterprise which, whatever its faults, commands the maximum of energy from human resources & provides the maximum of benefits in human happiness and contentment.

Finally and perhaps the most deadly are those who seek to convert us to a form of socialistic endeavor leading directly to the path of communist slavery.

As a counter-balance of those forces is the deep spiritual urge in the hearts of our people, a spiritual urge capable of arousing & directing a decisive and impelling public opinion, this indeed is the greatest safeguard and resource of America, so long as it exists we are secure for it holds us to the path of reason.  It is an infallible reminder that our greatest hope rests upon two mighty symbols, the Cross and the US Flag.  The one based upon those immutable doctrinal teachings which provide the spiritual strength to persevere along the course that is just and right, the other based upon the invincible will that human freedom shall not perish from the face of the earth.   These are the mighty bulwarks against the advance of those atheistic predatory forces which seek to destroy the spirituality of the human mind and to enslave the human body.

On this day set aside for all Americans to re-pledge their allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands let us pray for the spiritual strength and innate wisdom to keep this nation to the course of freedom charted by our forefathers, to preserve it as a mighty instrument on the earth, to bring order out of existing chaos, to restore liberty where liberty has perished, to re-establish human dignity and discipline where it has disappeared.

- General Douglas MacArthur   14 June 1951

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