Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear President Obama....

I realize that since I'm an American citizen with conservative political views writing a letter to you is a complete waste of time. But I'm going to do it anyway even if it's only to make myself feel better.

I realize I'll probably be labeled either a hate filled, right-wing zealot or a racist by you and your blind, mindless followers but that's OK - I can live with it. That will be your ignorant, misguided opinion rather that the truth. The truth is I'm an American veteran and retired federal employee who is completely fed up with what you're doing to the country I love - the country I personally served for 30 years.

Why am I so upset? I can give you a list. Of course - you like to pretend these things are all "phony scandals" - as if they either didn't happen or they aren't important. But in the "most transparent administration in history" (your words, not mine) they are important. Because, as recent polls show, most of us are tired of being lied to by the President of the United States.

For the second time in my life I'm ashamed of my government. I'm not ashamed of my country - as your wife apparently was until you were elected President. I'm ashamed of my government - your administration. The first time was when Jimmy Carter was President. Enough said?

Let's start the list (and mind you - this is only a partial list):

Fast and Furious - Border Patrol agent Brian Terry worked for you. He was killed with a weapon that was purchased in the United States and was smuggled to Mexico in an operation planned and implemented by your Justice Department. Even though Attorney General Eric Holder denies knowledge of it prior to Officer Terry being murdered, (a very common occurrence in your administration - it seems no one knows anything until after the fact) I'm pretty sure not too many Americans believe it - except your blind faith, lap dog followers.

IRS Targeting Conservative Groups - As much as you'd love to convince people this is one of those "phony scandals", the evidence is piling up. It has now been discovered that your steadfast servant, Lois Lerner, sent out a warning to her fellow conspirators to be careful what they say in e-mails because Congress might be monitoring them. Before Congress she said she had done nothing wrong - just before invoking her 5th Amendment right not to incriminate herself. It's pretty easy to guess that someone in your administration had something to do with this incident of targeting your opponents. And things are not looking good for Elijah Cummings. Yet you still try to deny that it even happened.

Benghazi - Four American citizens, who worked for you, murdered in what we all know was a planned terrorist attack. You and your cronies flat out lied to the American people about what happened. Worse yet - you lied to the relatives who were there to receive the bodies. You lied mostly because you were afraid the truth might hurt you in the 2012 election. For that you should all be deeply ashamed. But instead you not only don't care, you're still trying to play the charade. And many in the main stream media are still trying to help you do it.

The AP/James Rosen scandals - Again you deny any wrongdoing but your Attorney General targeted the media and a Fox reporter because you/he they were reporting information leaked from your administration. Rather than seek the source of the leak you targeted those who were reporting the information, in direct violation of the Constitution.

Oh - and your Attorney General told Congress he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when in fact he signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal. So does he regularly sign things without knowing what they say or did he commit perjury? Only you and he know for sure.

Kathleen Sebelius - Your former Health and Human Services Secretary violated the Hatch Act by soliciting funds from companies that HHS might regulate. She also made campaign remarks for a Democrat candidate for the governorship in North Carolina during an official speech. Not that you are personally responsible for what she did but you remained completely silent on the matter and took no action to correct her.

Solyndra - Your administration gave millions of dollars to an already failing green energy company and gave millions more to other green energy companies that went bankrupt. The money was completely wasted and was never recovered. Your administration conspired to prevent Solyndra from announcing its bankruptcy and layoffs until after the 2010 election.

Upholding your oath of office - You pick and choose the laws you will uphold. You instructed the Border Patrol to stop doing their jobs effectively and gave blanket amnesty to any child under 16 years of age who is in the country illegally. (It's the main reason so many kids are coming here illegally now.) You pick and choose what parts of your signature health care law you will enforce - also based on elections. And you lie to the people about it on a regular basis.

Affordable Care Act - Speaking of the health care law - no matter what lies you tell about how great it is, those of us with logical minds understand that it's really about government control of the health care industry. You don't care that honest, hard-working people are losing their currently affordable health care plans because your new law is causing insurance companies to cancel that you decided weren't good enough. In fact - you lied to the nation and told everyone if they liked their plans and their doctors they could keep them - knowing full well what was coming. Of course, your blind followers blame the insurance companies because that's the liberal way - blame the corporations. They do that because they simply can't admit to themselves that you're screwing people under the guise of helping them out.

Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood - You helped force Hosni Mubarek out of office in Egypt in favor of a Muslim Brotherhood leader. The people of Egypt objected and they ousted the new leader. The problem is that you support the Muslim Brotherhood, who is not a friend of the United States. Your Muslim upbringing and your placement of Muslims into your administration, in my opinion (and the opinion of millions of other Americans) is a danger to the United States.

You have completely failed our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel, by not publicly covering their back and by calling for them to "use restraint" in their struggle with Hamas in Gaza. Hamas has fired nearly 1000 rockets into Israel in the last few weeks, even targeting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. And rather than show support for Netanyahu, something you like to say you will always do, you tell him to use restraint when 70% of his country is in the danger zone. Are you out of you mind or do you simply hate Israel that much? I have my own opinion on that based on your actions (and your inactions.) Even Egypt, a sworn enemy of Israel (thanks to your Muslim Brotherhood buddies) is supporting Israel in its military actions against Hamas.

Benjamin Netanyahu is too much of a gentleman and a real leader to say to you what he probably truly feels but I can say it for him. You are a snake and not a friend to Israel at all. You turn your back on non-Muslim allies and support Muslims every chance you get. You're still giving money to the Palestinians and Hamas - in direct contradiction to your "continued support of Israel."

Border Security and Illegal Immigration - You are giving away the sovereignty of the United States of America. The tens of thousands of people entering our Southern border are coming here because of you and your complete failure to enforce our immigration laws. You like to pretend you're deporting "more illegals than any other President" but the truth is that you count those that were being turned around at the border before ever getting into the United States. And now you don't even do that. The Southern border is wide open and what duties the Border Patrol was still allowed to perform are no longer being done. Instead they're in the diaper changing business and are being forced, against their will, to transport illegal aliens around the country in your effort to house (and hide) them. You are not only ignoring the current immigration laws but in reality you're in the human trafficking business at the present time. And for what purpose? To pad the Democrat voting base with people who will be given amnesty and government assistance, and who will become life long Democrat voters.

Lastly - your new military commanders are handing out pink slips to our soldiers on the front lines of battle in Afghanistan. Really? Men and women are over there fighting (a war that you endorsed) and you're telling them as soon as they're done they're fired? And you're coddling a deserter for whom you traded five of the top Taliban leaders to get back? That was either the stupidest or the most traitorous action you've committed during your Presidency. Again - I have my own opinion on which it was.

Mr. President - as much as it scares me to think about Joe Biden being next in line for the Presidency - will you please resign? I know my request is ridiculous since a narcissist like you cannot imagine being the failure that you are. But seriously - you suck at being President. You might be very good at what you're trying to do in destroying the America most of us know and love - but as a leader you are at the bottom of the barrel. I would prefer Jimmy Carter's failures over yours. At least President Carter, misguided as he is, has a deep love for this country. You, on the other hand, love yourself over everything and your disdain for America as she has always been is obvious.

It has nothing to do with your race or skin color. You are a disgrace to freedom loving Americans nationwide. We need a leader who actually loves America and our military. Please step down now.

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