Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Truth About Israel And The Palestinians

On Friday the International Red Cross brokered a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas. There would be a 24 hour cease fire for humanitarian reasons. It lasted a few hours before Hamas once again began firing rockets into Israel. (This is the second cease fire agreement in a week that has been violated by Hamas.) Israel immediately retaliated and began hitting Hamas targets in the Gaza strip once again. Once that happened, Hamas immediately requested another cease fire. Israel has yet to respond to the new request.

And who can blame them? It seems Hamas wants to play games. They agree to a cease fire then begin firing rockets into Israel after Israel stands down. Some misguided people still want to blame Israel for the conflict and simply turn a blind eye toward who is really the aggressor in the situation.

I saw a video on Facebook this morning created by radio talk show host Dennis Prager. Only 5 minutes long, it is an outstanding narrative about the conflict that stresses the main difference between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel wants to live in peace with the Palestinians. The Palestinians (and most other Islamic states) want Israel destroyed and her people dead. It really is that simple. I've attached the video below. (Those without Facebook accounts may not be able to watch it.)

There it is in a nutshell. The Palestinians, Hamas, and Islam in general do not want a peaceful relationship with Israel. They don't want a relationship with Israel at all. They want Israel gone. Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map yet our President continues making ridiculous deals with them that allow Iran to pursue a nuclear weapon. If Iran gets a nuclear weapon it is altogether possible they will attempt to use it on Israel. Unless Israel strikes first - which I have no doubt they will do. Benjamin Netanyahu is no fool and will not allow anyone to destroy his country without a valiant fight.

Israelis train everyone for war. They have to - they've been under attack by Muslims almost continuously since 1947. And now they're under attack again - only this time it's not just Hamas. Another attack comes from their closest ally. Despite what he says in public - behind closed doors President Obama continuously tries to get Israel to cease their actions against Hamas in the Gaza strip. Apparently Obama believes Israel should sit quietly and allow Hamas to fire rockets into Israel unimpeded. He demands that Israel sit quietly and wait while Iran develops nuclear weapons.

The way the United States has treated Israel since Obama took office, I am constantly impressed by the fact that Netanyahu still has anything to do with Obama. The people of the United States are still a friend to Israel, as Israel remains a friend to us. President Obama - not so much. He has been trying to boss Israel around since he first took his oath (something else he ignores) but Netanyahu doesn't cower and do what Obama wants. And I applaud him for it.

Here's a thought...  suppose it turns out that Obama really was born in Kenya, making him the first President of the United States to be foreign born. Maybe we could rewrite that one line of the Constitution making it legal for Benjamin Netanyahu to become President of the United States once he's no longer Israel's Prime Minister. It sure would be great to have a real leader in the White House.

But I'm a dreamer...

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