Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Case Of Poetic Justice...

A woman in Atlanta, Georgia, was getting into her car in May when a man walked up, pointed a gun at her and made her let him into the car in the driver's seat. His intention was to steal the car with her still in it.

The suspect apparently did not know how to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission. While he was fumbling with the stick shift the woman was able to grab the gun away from him. She then attempted to flee the vehicle. The suspect grabbed her and police say he bit her twice in an attempt to subdue her. That's when the woman shot the suspect with his own gun.

Comments from the local police station's Facebook page range from "That's the words of Fred G. Sanford...ya big for her!!" to "Proof that you don't need a just need a stick shift! LOL And people can't understand why I drive one!"

And while the last comment was intended to be funny, I'm sure there are those who would say it in all earnestness. Anti-gun zealots somehow don't understand that taking guns away from law abiding citizens isn't the answer to gun violence. Taking the gun away from the bad guy, as in this case, is the answer. Although I don't recommend trying it unless absolutely necessary.

“In this case, she did see an opening and she took it and it worked out for her and we were able to get the suspect into custody,” Atlanta police Officer John Chafee.

In other news, an organization called Bay Area Quest Hunt in the city of Oakland, California, is trying to hold a scavenger hunt for residents with valid California IDs and valid medical marijuana cards. The prize - various forms of marijuana. Participants in the game would follow clues hidden around the city which would lead them to cards that can be cashed in for cannabis. Prizes would include pre-rolled joints, pot edibles, eighth-ounce bags of weed and THC concentrates.

Medical marijuana is legal in California however, recreational use is not legal as of yet. I'm sure that's only a matter of time.

The Oakland Police Department apparently isn't ready to allow such an event. Organizers received a letter from the OPD that said they (Bay Area Quest Hunt) are not licensed to have a medical marijuana business in the city and don't have the proper permits for this event.

Apparently if you're going to hand out free marijuana you have to have a license. Imagine.

"We had verified medical marijuana recommendations for EVERY individual who registered," a spokesperson told The Huffington Post by email."As far as we were concerned, we were doing more than most dispensaries when it came to verifying medical marijuana recommendations. Plus, we were not selling marijuana. Registering for the event did not guarantee that you will receive marijuana. We only guaranteed clues."

It seems the organizers don't understand the concept of "legal dispensing of a controlled substance."

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