Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's A Good Thing We Have Fox News...

...otherwise the Obama administration wouldn't know what was going on anywhere in the world.

President Obama has said numerous times that he learned about various scandals and other occurrences on the TV news. He learned about Fast and Furious on the news. He learned about the IRS scandal on the news. He learned about the problems with the VA from the news. In fact, it seems every time something major happens anywhere in the world our President learns about it from the TV news instead of from his own intelligence and security personnel. Isn't that amazing?

Several days ago a Justice Department official was asked how and when the Justice Department learned that Lois Lerner's computer had crashed and that her e-mails for the time under investigation were lost and unrecoverable. The answer from the Justice Department? "We learned about it from the TV news."


During the first time Lois Lerner was refusing to testify before Congress - you remember... right after she said "I've done nothing wrong" - she was meeting privately with Justice Department officials. Not only do we not know what was going on there but it seems rather unethical for the Justice Department to be interviewing her during a time when she was part of a Congressional investigation and was invoking her 5th Amendment rights. I have no doubt she spilled the beans to Holder after refusing to testify before Congress - most likely so Holder could prepare to run interference for his boss if necessary.

Obviously someone in the Obama administration watches Fox News. I say that because the main stream, state controlled media outlets don't report on things such as Fast and Furious, the IRS and the VA. They ignore the big stories that make the President, their hero, look bad. So IF the Obama administration learns about all these things from the news then someone is watching Fox. And I know it's not the President because he'd be throwing things at his TV every time a Fox reporter mentions something else Obama did wrong.

IF the Obama administration learns about national and world events from the TV news (which only his most blind, Koolaide drinking followers believe) - what do his intelligence and security staff do? What does Valerie Jarrett do (except pull Obama's strings?) Why do we pay members of his administration big bucks if they don't do anything worthwhile? The President of the United States should be the most up-to-date, informed person in the world with intelligence briefings daily. Of course, he'd actually have to attend those briefings to learn what's going on and President Obama has admitted he doesn't regularly do that.

It seems, particularly in this his second term, that Obama wants all of the power and prestige his position brings without really wanting to do the job. He has his particular agenda - such as destroying American sovereignty and pushing LGBT issues worldwide, but he doesn't seem to be connected to the rest of the world and its issues. He's too busy fundraising to worry about a passenger plane being shot down or our strongest ally in the Middle East waging a war. Geez, I hate it when sworn duties interfere with fun, don't you?

Mr. President - might I suggest if you're tired of being President and would rather goof around at fundraisers and play golf - why don't you switch positions with Vice President Biden. He never really seems to have any real responsibilities and his job seems to be more fun than yours. And I'm convinced he can't be any worse at the job than you are. At least his speeches would be entertaining.

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