Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Worried About America - Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm very much concerned about the ever-growing number of Americans (mostly white) who verbally and publicly wish President Obama dead. Not that they are physically threatening him but their comments about hoping someone will shoot him, wishing the family had been home when the man jumped the fence so he could have killed them all, wishing the armed security guard had shot him in the elevator, and hoping in general that someone assassinates him, are frightening. Some of these people profess to be Christians yet they're hoping for the death of a sitting U.S. President!

Granted it's not the majority of Americans expressing such wishes. As bad as Obama's approval numbers are today and as badly as many want him out of office, I don't think the majority of people want him dead. And for those who express that wish - I wonder if you realize what could happen if your wish comes true?

Lest anyone get the wrong idea - I am no fan of Obama. I knew from the onset of his campaign that he was going to be destructive to the United States and divisive of her people. He campaigned on "fundamentally transforming" the greatest nation on Earth! How anyone trusted him is beyond my comprehension. And the fact that he was re-elected is simply unbelievable. There is no defining "liberal logic."

Obama has lived up to his campaign promise - at least as much as he has been able to. He has eroded our freedoms away. It's funny - liberals all across the nation complained that George W. Bush took away our freedoms with the Patriot Act. Not only did President Obama renew the Patriot Act but he gave himself some new powers to limit your freedoms even more, such as killing Americans overseas who he declares enemy combatants without due process or indefinite detention, also without due process, of Americans right here at home. Even the Affordable Care Act took away some of your freedom. Everyone must now purchase health care insurance as mandated by the federal government. If you don't you will be fined... taxed. Yet you don't hear Obama fans screaming about their loss of liberties - even though they're being taken away by their hero-in-chief.

Obama has increased entitlement programs in this country, has presided over one of the greatest unemployment periods (with millions dropping out of the workforce completely) and has increased the number of people on food stamps by 100%. Basically, Obama has been the worst president since Jimmy Carter and will likely surpass him as the worst ever by the end of his presidency.

But that doesn't mean he needs to be dead. Aside from the personal loss his two daughters would face, (and I'm not interested in the whole "those aren't his kids" theory. Save that for someone else.) the country as a whole would be damaged by the assassination of the President. Despite what the President likes to say, this nation was founded and continues to be guided by Judeo-Christian principles. They are built into our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Assassinating a sitting President because he happens to be doing a poor job, whether it is intentional or due to ineptitude, is not in the character of our nation.

Problem #1 - Joe Biden. Who in their right mind would want Biden to be the President of the United States? Some say he's a buffoon who could be easily controlled but who is going to do the controlling? Many believe President Obama is controlled by outside sources, such as George Soros or the Monsanto corporation. Do people believe Joe Biden will suddenly and miraculously be controlled by Republicans or conservatives?

Problem #2 - if something happened to the President and the act was not committed by a black liberal, the black community would erupt into violence like we've never seen. And understandably so. Some will say "Let 'em," but do we really want an all-out race war in the United States? Do we not have enough to worry about with the influx of Muslim terrorists and illegal aliens without begging for a war between American citizens based on race?

I know some who hate Obama and wish him ill will disagree with me and that's OK. I'm good with standing by my opinion against those who wish him ill. If you're one of them - I would ask you to look deeply into your personal morals and beliefs and ask yourself if that's really something you want to happen. Is it something you want to teach your children - that if  they don't like or agree with an American President it's OK to want him dead? Really?

Americans needs to be working together to save the nation we love, not destroy her based on hatred. Obama is a man, that's all. He may be a destructive President but that will end in two more years. If the Republicans take control of the Senate and maintain control of the House Obama could likely be impeached within those two years. (If we can replace the spineless wonder that is our current Speaker of the House.)

No - I don't want President Obama to meet with an ill fate. My Christian beliefs won't allow it and my personal integrity won't either. Killing an American President takes reality to a whole new level. It's not something we need as a civilized nation and as civilized people. Period.

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