Friday, October 10, 2014

Just Another "Phony Scandal..."

In yet another White House cover-up that the left will ignore, the Washington Post is reporting that the Obama administration lied about White House staff being involved in the prostitute scandal in Colombia in 2012. In a detailed report the Post (hardly a conservative newspaper) says Jonathan Dach, then a White House volunteer in the travel office and the son of a very wealthy Obama donor, was with the travel advance team in Cartagena when he registered a prostitute in his hotel room overnight.

White House lawyers interviewed him and determined he had "done nothing wrong." The Department of Homeland Security's inspector general's office investigated the incident and discovered Dach's involvement however, the Post says DHS was asked not to release the report until after the 2012 election.

Meanwhile, then White House spokesman Jay Carney was telling the American people "there was no specific and credible evidence that anybody from the White House was involved." 

No big deal, you say? Who cares if a 25 year old kid hired a prostitute in a foreign country before the President arrived?

What he did, while pretty sleazy since he was in Colombia representing the President of the United States, isn't the big deal. The problem is this. Ten Secret Service agents were fired for doing the same thing during that trip.

"Well, they were federal employees assigned to protect the President," one might say. And that's true. But the President wasn't there yet and their actions put him in no more danger than those of Mr. Dach. The President's visit could have been compromised just as easily by Dach as it could have by a Secret Service agent. Possibly more since the agents are trained to be discreet and, well...  secretive about what they're doing there.

Ten Secret Service agents were fired. And what happened to Mr. Dach, the volunteer White House staffer whom Jay Carney denied had any involvement? He now has a cushy federal job working on global women’s health issues at the State Department. I won't even get into the irony of that.

As usual, ABC (All Barack Channel) and NBC (National Barack Channel) failed to report on this story. CBS was the only main stream media channel to report it - probably because Major Garrett, their Chief White House correspondent, used to work for Fox.

In other news - remember when Scott McClellan defected...  uh, resigned his position as White House Press Secretary and wrote a "tell-all book" about the Bush administration? Remember how the left praised him for being so bold because he released the book in 2008, while Bush was still in office? Isn't it interesting how those same people are attacking Leon Panetta as doing the wrong thing by releasing his book while Obama is still in office? Isn't it funny how that works?

A member of the Bush administration publishes a tell-all book about Bush and he's praised for it by liberals and the main stream media. A member of the Obama administration publishes a tell-all book about Obama and he's attacked and vilified y those same people. Can you say "typical"? I knew you could.

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