Monday, October 13, 2014

Comparing ISIS To Christians - Another Liberal Lunacy

In the last week liberal pundits have ignorantly been comparing ISIS to Christians in various ways. They bring up everything from the Crusades and the Spanish inquisition, both of which ended centuries ago, to right-wing extremists, such as abortion clinic bombers, etc., who claim to be doing God's work and try to make it sound like these people are "just like ISIS."

I'm appalled but not shocked that liberals would make such crazy comparisons. They often will say whatever they can to demean Christianity - even going as far as saying someone like Eric Rudolph, the abortion clinic bomber, proves Christianity is just like ISIS. I'm not sure what these people know about Christianity or the Bible but nowhere in the Bible does it say that if someone does not believe in God or accept Jesus as their Savior he/she should be killed. Nor does it say if someone does something such as perform abortions he/she should be killed. The Quran, however, does give those instructions for infidels, homosexuals, etc.

I could be wrong but I haven't seen any Christians, in modern times anyway, going around cutting people's heads off. I haven't seen them endorse marrying prepubescent girls.  I haven't seen them commit mass murder while crying out "God is greater (Allahu Ackbar.)" I haven't seen them blowing up churches and historical religious buildings and shrines. I haven't seen them as a group threaten to take over a country or kill mass numbers of people who believe differently than they. I haven't seen Christian pastors preach the Christian version of jihad to their congregations. And I haven't seen true Christians call for the destruction of Israel.

Come to think of it - I've never seen a Christian strap on a bomb vest and commit suicide in God's name by blowing himself up, along with a group of people that really didn't want to join him. Some would argue that Christians just aren't that brave I suppose, (it really does take some courage to do that) but I would argue that Christians first, aren't that desperate to force their beliefs on someone and second, aren't that stupid. Come on - the whole 72 virgins thing is ridiculous.

I have seen pastors like the Westboro church's late Fred Phelps condemn homosexuals and say that our military members were being killed in retribution for their sins. But that's not quite the same as telling your congregation to go out and kill them.

Even with the execution of tens of thousands of Christians going on at the hands of ISIS members in Iraq and Syria, and Coptic Christians being executed at the hands of Muslims in Egypt, I haven't seen Christian churches tell their congregations to begin a holy war on ISIS or Muslims in general. And we won't see it - because Christians aren't anything even close to ISIS or any Muslim extremist. But sadly, there are liberals out there who spew this garbage and even more who are ready to soak it up.

In other typically goofy liberal news - there is a new liberal movie out called "Camp X-ray." It stars Kristen Stewart as a "not very smart and really socially inadequate" army enlistee who gets sent to Guantanamo Bay as part of the security force. While there she "bears witness to the apparent cruelty in which the captured jihadists live and befriends a suspected terrorist. She then questions her role in the U.S. military."

Without going into too much detail, having worked in federal prisons for 22 years I can tell you that when you "make friends" with an inmate or detainee your integrity is compromised and you are not only no longer effective in your job, you're a danger to the other staff. That's one little tidbit of information they will likely not mention in the movie.

Yet another Hollywood celebrity who has no clue about real life, Ms. Stewart apparently believes that terrorists are either misunderstood or justified in what they do just as the rest of us are justified in what we do. "These two people couldn't be from more different worlds and perspectives, and probably disagree fundamentally on most things, but there’s a through-line for all of us—and that’s what people forget, and that’s what makes people capable of doing terrible things to each other," Stewart said in an interview. "What makes you different from any other person that walks the earth?"

I can answer her questions with one simple line. "I don't kill people who disagree with my beliefs."

I can say with all certainty that I won't be seeing this movie. It's simply one more anti-American, liberal film that will try to paint Muslim terrorists as nice guys who are just a little misguided but otherwise good dudes. Whether liberals like it or not - the guys being held in Guantanamo are there for a reason. They were fighting or planning/executing attacks on the United States and against our military. Kristen Stewart and her ilk can pretend that's not true if they wish, or pretend that it's justified, but they will be wrong. 

But you know the best part about it? Our military will continue to fight for their right to be ignorant. God bless our troops.

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