Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Political Correctness Will Be The Death Of The USA... Literally

Last night as I was watching the TV coverage of the Ebola crisis that soon may be headed to a city near me, something occurred to me that I hadn't really put together in my head before. It was so obvious, however, that I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

Republicans/conservatives in the United States want to prevent the Ebola virus from coming into the country any way we can. We are mostly in favor of travel restrictions - disallowing people with West African passports and/or people who are traveling from West Africa from entering the country while this Ebola crisis is ongoing. The virus is killing more and more people every day. The death rate is growing - it's up to 70% in West Africa now. People who contract the disease can carry it around for up to 21 days while being completely asymptomatic and still infect others unknowingly.

Contrary to what has been said by the Obama administration, you can catch it from sitting next to someone on a bus if that person coughs or sneezes. The CDC has verified that, much to Obama's embarrassment. Even though they like to pretend you can't catch it from the air, sneezing, coughing can release droplets that can infect someone if they get into the body.

Here's what occurred to me last night. Democrats, progressives and liberals in general have for years been screaming for a government sponsored health care system wherein everyone has access to affordable health care regardless of their circumstances. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was passed and signed into law in 2010 - supposedly to do just that. (It doesn't. The number of people without health care coverage didn't change much. And many people actually lost their coverage because of it.)

Anyway - the Democrats want everyone to have the best possible health care - even if the government (the taxpayers) has to pay for it. Yet they are opposed to the government securing our borders and putting travel restrictions in place that could prevent a deadly virus from entering the country and infecting/killing Americans.

Is it just me? The irony here is astounding. Of course, they say the reason we can't have travel restrictions is because travel restrictions would be racist. Last I checked - deadly viruses aren't a race. Deadly viruses are deadly viruses. They don't discriminate nor do they care.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons people don't want Liberians to be banned from travel is because some of their ancestors were once slaves in the United States. In the late 1800s, Liberia became a popular country for slaves that decided to return to Africa. So now, anything we do, any restrictions we put on Liberians, despite the reason, is viewed as racist by the left.

Liberals want everyone to be healthy and happy - unless, of course, it involves anything they can possibly perceive as politically incorrect. I wonder how many Americans have to die before they realize the error in their thinking? That probably won't happen. Many liberals likely believe we deserve to have Americans die because we are such an evil nation. And if they ever do decide that preventing the virus from entering the United States is a good idea - by then it will be too late anyway.

In a related issue - last night Bill O'Reilly read an e-mail that was sent to his show. (O'Reilly advocates travel restriction and border security) The e-mail said "O'Reilly - you've proved how stupid you are when it comes to Ebola. Remember the Bubonic plague? Sure, people died but it worked itself out."

Now there's the typical liberal attitude I was talking about. I wonder how that same person would feel if the Ebola virus got into her home....?

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