Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Americans Fighting With ISIS Will Not Be Denied Rights Of Citizenship

In an interview with CBS News on Sunday, FBI Director James Comey said of the Americans we know are in the Middle East and have joined ISIS that they are "entitled to come back" to the United States because they are citizens. “Ultimately, an American citizen, unless their passport’s revoked, is entitled to come back,” Comey said. “So, someone who has fought with ISIL with an American passport wants to come back, we will track them very carefully.”

According to USA.gov, a passport application or renewal can be denied for the following reasons:

* Are in default on a repatriation or medical assistance loan
* Are behind on child support payments
* Are subject of certain court orders or a foreign extradition request
* Were committed to a mental institution, or legally declared incompetent by a court
* Were subject to a previous denial or revocation
* Were issued a temporary passport for specific reasons

A passport can be revoked for:

* Obtained illegally or through fraud
* Altered or misused
* Issued to individuals whose Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization was canceled

So you can lose your passport if you're behind on your child support payments but not if you go to a foreign country and join an army against which the United States is currently waging war? In the latter case you'll be "tracked very carefully" upon your return?

That concept simply defies logic. But then - we are dealing with the government.

In his new book "Worthy Fights," former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says "President Obama relies on the logic of a law professor (meaning himself) rather than the passion of a leader. He avoids the battle, complains, and misses opportunities." 

Those are pretty strong words coming from the man who worked faithfully for President Obama for four years in two different cabinet positions. (Panetta was the head of the CIA before moving over to the Defense Department.)

Of course the White House immediately rejected Panetta's criticisms. Obama's Liar-in-Chief... Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, responded to reporters "The president has demonstrated, I think, in a rather public fashion over the last several weeks his success in leading the international community to confront some of the very difficult challenges of our time."

Spin it any way you like, Josh. The President has been a failure when it comes to foreign policy and military conflicts. ISIS is a prime example of that. 

And in other news, according to state officials, since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado in 2012, DUI (marijuana) incidents have increased by 50% and homelessness in Denver has increased by 150%. The latter is mostly because people are moving to Colorado with no means of support just so they can legally use and readily obtain the drug. Gee, who would have seen that coming?

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