Friday, October 24, 2014

What Are Obama's Real Religious Beliefs?

Liberals will pull their hair out and probably scream "RACIST!!!" for this post but you know what? I'm ready. They can say what they will. Let them prove me wrong.

President Obama claims to be a Christian. He attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, under the leadership of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a scholar of black liberation theology. President Obama has expressed his belief in "collective salvation," a belief not supported by the Bible. But he also has supported and defended Islam - even to the point of anger.

In his book "Audacity of Hope" Obama made the statement “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Of course, his handlers and followers play this down but over the last five years he has proved his statement to be true. He went on an apology tour, soon after his inauguration, and apologized to the Muslim world for America's attitude toward Islam and its terrorists.

When Nadal Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood, Texas, while screaming "Allahu Ackbar", the Obama administration called it "workplace violence," even though Hasan himself said he carried out his actions in support of Islam. Hasan has since written letters asking to be a member if ISIS.

President Obama didn't have much to say about the Boston bombings by Muslim terrorists but when a Muslim cut off a woman's head in Moore, Oklahoma, it was deemed by the government to be a simple act of murder rather than terrorism, despite the man's extreme radical Islamic rants on Facebook and his Islamic proselytizing just prior to the killing.

Yesterday in New York a Muslim man attacked police officers with a hatchet, hitting one officer in the arm and a second in the head. The second is in critical condition at this time. Authorities in New York want to call the incident "Islamic terrorism" but it remains to be seen if that will happen officially. Once the feds weigh in it will probably be called a simple case of felonious assault by a man who had mental health issues.

The Obama administration has removed all references to Islam and/or Islamic extremism, Islamic terrorism, etc., from federal law enforcement training manuals. How does that make any sense unless you don't want federal agents to understand what's really going on with Islamic terrorism?

President Obama will not allow any acts of Islamic terrorism to occur on his watch. In fact, President Obama says that the acts of Islamic terrorism, regardless of what the perpetrators say, are "not Islamic." He still claims, regardless of all the credible evidence, that the terrorists are not Islamic and that Islam is a religion of peace. He claims that ISIS, who uses the Quran to justify all of their actions, is not Islamic. Anyone who has read the Quran knows that is not true. Obama has read the Quran. He lies. Period. Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) may not have made his statement at the right time but what he said was not wrong.

Islam has become one of the greatest threats to the world in the 21st Century. President Obama can deny it all he wants but we all know...  most of us know it's the truth. Islam wants to dominate the world and they will do anything to make it happen. Sadly, President Obama's denial of this makes us vulnerable to Islamic terrorism. But since he denies it doesn't exist - how can we be protected from it??

It's a shame that truth has become second place to political agendas, both in the administration and the main stream media. It's also a shame that President Obama has made the praise of Islam one of his top priorities. What kind of Christian does that?

After cancelling the space shuttle program, President Obama charged the director of NASA, Charles Bolden, to "find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science ... and math and engineering,"

This is his official mission. Why? Why are my tax dollars going to the task of making Muslims feel better about themselves? Who cares if Muslims feel good about their historic contribution to science? That doesn't promote science or space research. It promotes Islam. Last I checked there is nothing in the job description of the President of the United States about making Muslims feel better about themselves. And unless it's been changed in the last couple of years - I doubt that duty is included in the job description of the NASA director. So what are President Obama's real religious beliefs?

There are many who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim who pretends to be Christian in accordance with the teachings of the Quran. Al-Taqiyya is the practice set forth in the Quran that allows "deception; concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies" to further the cause of Islam.

Could that be the explanation for Obama's continued support and praise of Islam? In 2006, Saudi Arabian leaders said they would "have a Muslim in the White House by 2008." Is it possible they made good on their statement and that Barack Obama is the product of it?

I can't say for certain. But I can say that Obama's activities, his statements, his continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim groups (including Hamas), and his appointment of numerous Muslims to key positions in his administration make it very easy to believe. The next two years are going to be interesting. Any major move Obama wants to make will have to be made before the 2016 election. Let's see what he does. In the meantime, he bears watching closely.

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