Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bergdahl Will Be Found Not Guilty

Several news outlets, including Fox and, are reporting that the investigation into the possible desertion of Bo Bergdahl from his base in Afghanistan has been completed, is being reviewed by top commanders but will not be released to the public for now. Fox is saying they will be released after the November mid-term elections.

If that's the case - if they're being held until after the mid-term election it can mean only one thing. Bo Bergdahl is going to be found to have been a POW and not a deserter. He will receive all of his back pay and probably some kind of citation. And he'll probably get that citation during a visit to the White House, accompanied by his mother, whom President Obama likes so much to fondle... escort.

Bergdahl cannot be charged with desertion. It would destroy President Obama's already bad reasoning for swapping five Taliban commanders for him. The President said he made the swap to get back a prisoner of war and that "we don't leave our men and women in uniform behind." (Think maybe someone should tell Obama about Sgt Tahmooressi in Mexico?)

Charging Bergdahl with desertion would mean that President Obama traded five Taliban commanders for a guy we were going to bring home and put in prison. That would have made even less sense than the swap that he approved.

The investigation results are not going to be released before the election because the voters' opinions of Obama and the Democrats are already less than favorable. The news that Bergdahl will not be prosecuted is going to anger many more, particularly veterans who served honorably. It would not be a good move just before an upcoming election where Democrat Senate seats are already in great peril.

Ever notice the Obama administration is always hiding things just before an election? Benghazi comes to mind. Ever notice there are no Islamic terrorist incidents in the United States while Obama is in office - regardless of what the actual terrorist says? Nidal Hasan was personally in touch with Anwar Al-Awlaki via computer in the weeks and months leading up to his shooting spree, then killed 13 and wounded 30 others, all the while screaming "Allahu Ackbar!" But that was simple workplace violence.

In Oklahoma last month a man who converted to Islam, attended a radical mosque, praised the 9/11 attacks on his computer and had videos and beheadings posted as well, cut off a co-worker's head after being fired for Islamic proselytization in the workplace and stabbed a second multiple times before being shot by an off-duty reserve Sheriff's deputy. It too was dubbed random workplace violence by the government. That's because so many non-Muslims behead people after they get fired.

Obama cannot allow terrorism to take place on American soil during his watch because he killed Osama bin Laden and decimated Al Qaeda. He said so. And what's so pathetically sad is that he thinks the American people believe it when law enforcement officials say "it wasn't terrorism."

Mark my words - Bo Bergdahl will not face a court martial for his desertion. He won't even be charged. The Obama administration will slap every honorable US veteran in the face when the investigation results are announced. And just as he did after the swap, he'll feign surprise that the American people are so upset about it. After all - it's his idea. How could anyone possibly object?

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