Saturday, October 11, 2014

Air Strikes Not Meant To Stop ISIS From Gaining Territory. Wait.... What???

With ISIS poised to take control of the Syrian city of Kobani within days, the White House Thursday said U.S. led air strikes are "not meant to stop ISIS from gaining territory." So what, exactly, are they meant to do? They're not scaring anyone. They're not demeaning and or degrading ISIS. They're not even doing much damage since it's been reported we're striking empty buildings and other meaningless targets without doing any real damage to the enemy.

President Obama is doing exactly what some have accused him of - pacifying the people who demand action without really doing anything. His heart is not in the fight and the actions he's taking now are merely a show. Remember "Operation Shock and Awe?" That's how you run an air campaign.

The proof of Obama's charade is Kobani. ISIS set up around the city for several days before they began their invasion. They were right there in plain sight. The Turkish army, an NATO ally who refuses to get involved, was across the border watching them do it. We did nothing. We could have wiped out a large faction of ISIS in one massive air strike but we didn't. And now the city of Kobani, populated by our "friends", the Kurds, is falling under ISIS control.

President Obama - what are you doing? If we're not going to stop ISIS from "gaining territory," if we're not going to stop them from murdering innocent people, if we're not going to prevent them from conquering cities - what are we doing? Why are we sending planes up, wasting US time and treasure, if we're not trying to accomplish anything??

I had a thought last night about the coincidence (?) of Barack Obama being President during a period of time when Islam is quickly becoming one of the greatest threats to America and the world. We've been fighting against radical Islam since 2003 and suffering their terrorist attacks for even longer, and we now have a President who is not only sympathetic to Islam but promotes them at every chance. We have a President who wages war against Islamic terrorists half-heartedly, not really interested in accomplishing anything. We have a President who claims to be a Christian yet ignores the murders of tens of thousands of Christians at the hands of Muslims. And we have a President who throws away our military victories in the Middle East just to please his liberal base.

It is rumored that Saudi radio in 2006 announced "We will have a Muslim in the White House in 2008." Whether that's true or not I have no idea. And I'm not going to say with any certainty that Barack Obama is a Muslim. That's between him and God. I will say that he obviously sympathizes with Muslims, he seems to favor them over Americans in many cases, and he has appointed many of them to top positions in his administration. He defends Islam all the time and gets visibly angry if anyone says anything about Islam that he doesn't like. And he puts America down at every opportunity.

If we're not going to take any meaningful action against ISIS then we need to call off the charade and pull our planes and personnel back home. Or better yet - how about we replace the President with someone who will actually take the fight to the bad guys? Even Joe Biden would do that if he was President. In fact, I'm sure there are several things that Biden would do differently than our current President. How scary is that - that Joe Biden would probably be a better President than Barack Obama?

People really need to wake up. It's time to begin a campaign to make Obama honor his oath to support and defend the Constitution, to protect the American people against all threats, foreign and domestic, and enforce the written laws of the land. Call the White House and demand that Obama act like and American President instead of a globalist. Call your Senators and Representatives and demand that they take action to force the President to do his job correctly. Write letters. Send e-mails. Let them all know we are paying attention and that we're fed up with lame politicians. And most of all - in 24 days - vote!

The nation we save could be our own.

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