Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Barack Obama: Fundamentally Transforming America

On Tuesday President Obama announced a new program wherein legal immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador can request that minor children relatives still in Central America be declared "refugees" and be eligible for legal status in the United States. This is in response to the huge influx of Central American children arriving at our Southern border in the last eight months.

Nearly 300,000 people have crossed the border illegally in 2014. Over 50,000 of them were minor children. Those children have been shipped by the Obama administration to holding areas around the country and many of them have possibly been united with family members already here. History dictates that most of these people, if granted amnesty and citizenship (which the President is trying hard to do, bypassing Congress to do it) will become Democrat voters. Many will also end up in entitlement programs, which will help secure their Democrat vote.

Not only is President Obama opening up the border for a great influx of people (as if it was ever closed) he is padding the Democrat base. And while the liberals will say Obama is doing the humanitarian thing - it's all done for insidious purposes.

In other news, Obama and the Democrats are in the process of doing away with the electoral college to ensure Democrats win every election from now on.

In yet another plot to go around the Constitution, Democrats, through the process called "National Popular Vote" are trying to change the way the electoral college works, thereby virtually guaranteeing a win for Democrats in every election. Here's how it works:

At the present time, the electoral college requires each state to give the popular vote to the candidate who wins the majority vote in that state. That state, in turn, gives its electoral votes to the national Republican or Democrat candidate, making the election fair. The principle is based on the fact that some states have large populations and the electoral college keeps the vote as fair as possible for each individual state.

The proposal by the National Popular Vote bill may sound like it will lead to a straight out election of the President by popular vote, period. But that's not really the case. Instead of giving the popular vote to the winning candidate in each state it gives the popular vote to the candidate who is leading in the national election. That means even if the majority vote in Texas was for the Republican candidate, if the Democrat candidate was leading in the national election he/she would get the Texas votes as well.

The National Popular Vote is a plan by Democrats to steal votes for the Democrats. Don't believe it? Why is it that out of the 10 states that have adopted this plan, all 10 are Democrat? (New York is also considering it at this time.) The NPV folks currently have enough states on board to take 164 of the electoral votes. If they get enough on board to take 270, the Democrats will control every election in the future. Period.

I may not be spelling this out in enough detail but I read an article at that summarized it pretty well. It said "Basing the election on a plurality of the popular vote while ignoring the states would be like the New York Yankees claiming they won the 1960 World Series because they outscored the Pirates in runs 55-27 and in hits 91-60. Yet, the Pirates fairly won that World Series, 4 games to 3."

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