Monday, June 30, 2014

Where Are We Headed As A Nation?

Someone asked me recently how long I think it might be before something major happens in or to the United States we know and love. I must admit I have been thinking the same thing for the last few years. Some will say I'm a racist (what people say when they have no argument) or a right-wing extremist (Janet Napolitano already called me that and she's never even met me) but I'm looking at the situations in the USA and the world today and can't help but worry about our future. And like it or not - (I know most of you will be surprised... wink, wink) I believe most of the problems we have today are directly related to the Obama administration.

First and foremost - let's look at the economy in the last five years. Some on the left still want to blame President Bush for where we are today but those who do are living in their own fantasy world. The Obama administration lies to the people about unemployment. They claim unemployment is currently at 6.2%. It's what they don't tell you that causes a problem with their numbers.

The percentage of people aged 16 years or older who are currently participating in the work force is 62% - down from 66% in 2004. That's a total of 12 million work-age people who are no longer in the workforce but are not counted as unemployed. There are actually about 91 million people who are no longer in the work force. That's nearly one third of the population. posted the following graphic recently:

They put real unemployment, counting those who have dropped out of the labor force, at 15%. Yet the Obama administration continues to tout their success at bringing unemployment down to 6.2%. It's a sham.

Yes, yes, I know... the Bush administration probably didn't tell the truth about unemployment either. But Bush hasn't been President for over five years. When are people going to get over absolving Obama of any wrongdoing because some other President did something similar? Have they never heard the saying "Two wrongs don't make a right?" In today's America - two wrongs seem to make a left.

Now on to the national debt. On July 3, 2008 — the day before Independence Day — Obama said “driving up our national debt from $5 trillion dollars to $9 trillion is irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.”

Now Obama has been President for about 5.5 years and the national debt is currently $17,556,253,300,000 and climbing.  That's nearly double what it was when he took office. So is raising the debt by 8 trillion dollars "unpatriotic," Mr. President?

President Obama has done his best to alienate our allies. His first week in office he went to the Middle East to apologize to Islam for America. He then returned a bust of Winston Churchill back to Great Brittain soon after his initial inauguration. When news of the return became public the White House dismissed as "outrageously false," then two days later had to retract their statement and admit that they sent it back "by mistake." Many people believe Obama returned the bust because Churchill was in power in Britain when Obama's grandfather was being held by the British authorities in Kenya between 1949 and 1951.

President Obama stopped progress on the U.S. missile shield in Poland, giving in to Russian pressure and alienating the Poles. He has pressed Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, to return to their 1967 borders and give the West Bank to the Palestinians and, in fact, warned them that by not doing what he wanted they could be isolating themselves.

Here at home the President has done nothing about stopping illegal immigration but has told Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials not to enforce certain immigration laws. He has now opened a pipeline from Central America into Texas and we have seen 51,000 minor children enter the country illegally since October of last year. And the government's answer to the problem? Put them on planes and buses and ship them to various cities around the country.

The President has stated flat out that if the other branches of the government (specifically the House of Representatives since Harry Reid is Obama's flunky) won't do what he wants he will simply do it unilaterally and ignore the Constitution and the House. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said the other day that if Speaker Boehner doesn't act soon on immigration reform then "the President will borrow the power that is needed to solve the problems of immigration.”

Borrow the power from whom? Where, exactly, does the Constitution and/or any of the amendments give the President the authority to "borrow power" from anyone for anything? The President continues his lawless reign and Democrats, who loudly complained that George W. Bush was taking away their rights, encourage this President to ignore the Constitution and do whatever he wishes to do. 

The President requested $2 billion today to process and "repatriate" more people who have come across the border illegally, including the unaccompanied minor children. Does anyone really believe Obama is going to put a bunch of minor children on a plane and send them back? And what good does it do to have hearings and deport people if you don't stop the ongoing influx? As I said the other day - if you want to clean up water damage you first have to stop the flow of water!

I could go on. Vladimir Putin is doing whatever he wants in his neck of the world. China owns our debt and could call it in at any time - which would destroy us. And an Islamic terrorist group is taking over Iraq, working on Syria (with Obama's help) and is setting up a caliphate in the region from which to train, direct and launch terrorist attacks on other nations, including ours. (I was told last week by a liberal acquaintance not to worry about that because they're not going to bother with us. Yeah, OK.

Very few nations of the world have any respect for the USA anymore. North Korea has even threatened to attack us. And what is the Obama administration concerned with? Placing more LGBT people in embassy positions and forcing football teams to change their name because liberals just don't like it.

Is something bad going to happen to the USA soon? It certainly is a possibility. There are rumors that FEMA and DHS are gearing up for possible civil unrest and that the President is preparing to declare martial law if and when it happens. Nothing this man does would surprise me - except following the Constitution. That would be a surprise!

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