Friday, June 20, 2014

Minimum Wage Jobs For The First Daughters...?

In an interview with Parade Magazine recently, President and Mrs. Obama said they would like their daughters to have some experience working minimum wage jobs.

“Oh yeah,” the First Lady responded when asked about it. “I think every kid needs to get a taste of what it’s like to do that real hard work.”

“We are looking for opportunities for them to feel as if going to work and getting a paycheck is not always fun, not always stimulating, not always fair,” President Obama added. “But that’s what most folks go through every single day.”

Meanwhile, in the real world, according to, it has been confirmed that First Daughter Malia Obama landed her first job... working in Hollywood as a production assistant on Halle Berry's new sci-fi series "Extant."

According to TheWrap, Malia was in Hollywood recently working on the TV set. Citing an anonymous insider TheWrap reports that “She helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take."

Apparently this job was only for one day and no one knows whether or not she was paid for it. I would guess probably not. And one would wonder how even the daughter of the President would get the opportunity to work on a TV set - until it is discovered that Steven Spielberg is the producer (and is also a very staunch Obama supporter.)

I'm sure some people will say I'm only posting this because I hate Obama, I'm a racist, I hate Obama's kids (for the same reason) or I'm a sexist (or all of the above.) For them I'll just sadly and slowly shake my head.

This post is about the silliness of the Obamas saying they want their children to get minimum wage jobs. Sure they do. Just like Bill and Hillary wanted Chelsea to do. Or for that matter, even George W. and Laura Bush (although of the three sets of parents, I would believe a statement like that from the Bush's before the Clintons or the Obamas.)

I don't begrudge Malia working on a TV set with Halle Berry. What 15 year old wouldn't jump at that chance - even without pay? There should certainly be some perks to being the child of the President of the United States. You know - besides jet-setting around the world on luxurious vacations on the taxpayers' bill. Of course - the girls can't exactly say no when their parents tell them they're going to Europe for a week or two. And why would they?

Malia Obama apparently has expressed some desire toward film making and this job gave her a taste of what it could be like. She was said to have commented "My first time. This is a big deal!"

Good for you, Malia. I hope you enjoyed your day. Now go back home and tell your parents not to make silly statements in interviews trying to make themselves sound like they're in touch with the average American. I don't think they have ever been there.

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