Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Policies Don't Need PR...

Ever notice that when the Obama administration comes up with a new policy or program they immediately enact a public relations campaign to sell it to the American people? A perfect example is Obamacare. They pushed it down our throats, against the will of 72% of American voters, then launched a PR campaign about how great it was, even lying to us that we could keep our doctors and our current health care plans. They knew from the beginning the entire plan was bad. But they kept selling it anyway.

He did the same thing with the disastrous Obamacare website. He spent millions of dollars getting it developed (by a firm in Canada with a poor track record) then, when it didn't work, he spent millions more in a PR campaign to get people to keep trying to sign up.

They're now doing the same thing with the Bergdahl deal, albeit, in a more arrogant and belligerent manner. The President is trying to convince us that we needed to get Bergdahl back no matter the cost. He said Bergdahl was deathly ill. He said Bergdahl's life was in danger. He doted all over Bergdahl's parents in the Rose Garden, practically fondling Jani Bergdahl while walking to and from the podium. And he pretty much denied knowledge of Bergdahl's desertion in order to sell his traitorous return of Taliban leadership to the Taliban.

In my experience, if you have a good policy or program, it is not necessary to sell it to the American people. A good policy or program will sell itself. If you have to spend millions of dollars trying to convince people that it's a good thing - it's most likely not.

In other news, the Obama administration has found a new and interesting way to deal with the nearly 200 unaccompanied children who are entering the country illegally every day. They round them up, put them on buses, and transport them to Arizona, where they drop them off at bus stations in 100+ degree heat and leave them with nothing but a court date. So now the Obama administration is not only aiding in criminal activity but is committing acts of child abuse. What's worse - they have no plans to stop what they're doing anytime in the near future.

Where are the Republicans on this? Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, has written Obama an official letter demanding he cease and desist with this action. She has received no response from the President and the dropping off of illegals continues. One cannot help but wonder how heartless the President must be to put children on buses and abandon them in such conditions. Just one more offense for which he should be impeached. (Yes, I know it won't happen as long as Democrats hold the Senate.)

And finally, the fatal shooting of two police officers in Las Vegas the other day has anti-gun nuts up in arms calling for more gun control. The sad thing is those anti-gun nuts either don't understand or simply choose to ignore the simple facts about gun control. It doesn't prevent crime nor does it prevent illegal shootings.

Chicago, Illinois, has some of the most stringent and restrictive gun laws in the nation. Yet it  is very common for scores of people to be shot during weekend shooting sprees. This past weekend 30 people were shot, for of them fatally. And guess what? None of the shootings were committed by a legal gun owner. Surprise!

Gun laws don't prevent criminals from obtaining guns. They are always out there and always will be. The logic behind gun control and proposed gun bans is ridiculous anyway. By their logic, cars should be banned as well. Nearly 35,000 people a year are killed in car accidents. Therefore - cars are dangerous and should be banned.

Prescription drugs have recently become the leading cause of accidental death in this country, surpassing car accidents. Prescription drugs are dangerous and since they're already controlled by the government and that's not working, they should be banned.

Pretty ridiculous, huh? So are the people who want to ban guns because bad and/or disturbed people use them for bad purposes. According to the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, 87 people die of gunshot wounds every day in this country. Of those 87 people, 53 take their own lives by suicide and 2 are shot accidentally. That leaves 33 people who are murdered.

That's one third of the number of people who are killed in car accidents and less than one third of the people who die of accidental overdose of a prescription medication. Not that 12,000 murders a year isn't a tragedy. It is. But these murders aren't committed by law-abiding gun owners. Just like car accidents don't happen if all drivers follow the law and the proper rules of driving.

People who believe more gun control will prevent gun violence are living in a fantasy world. I would bet most (if not all) of them voted for Barack Obama. And those who believe he is a good and competent President are already living in a fantasy world.

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