Thursday, June 5, 2014

And Only Getting Worse...

I'm finding myself growing more and more disgusted with the Obama administration and his State Department. I'm sure that comes as no surprise to many of you and if you've been paying attention to the developments in the Bergdahl/Taliban case in the last few days - it shouldn't.

I listened to a recent press briefing by State Department spokesperson Marie Harf concerning the subject of the trade of the "Taliban 5" for Bergdahl.

When reporter Lucas Tomlinson asked, “Does the State Department consider Sergeant Bergdahl to be a deserter?” Harf replied, “The State Department — no, Lucas. Look, what we’ve said is we are going to learn the facts about what happened here.”

“He’s been in captivity, Lucas. I think he’s probably the person who knows best what happened on that night,” Harf said.

Tomlinson shot back, “Well, I think his squad mates have the best indication what happened that night.”

“I don’t think that that’s the case,” Harf responded.

You, Marie Harf, spokesperson for the State Department, don't think that Bergdahl's fellow soldiers, who were there by the way - you don't think they know better than you what happened that night? What kind of arrogance does the State Department possess to assume they know better than the eye witnesses?

Harf went on to tell Tomlinson “Google it on the web, and you’ll find a ton of conflicting reports”

Now there is something that makes me feel secure about the efficiency of our State Department. They get their information about world affairs from Google. Of course, we all know you can believe almost anything you read on the internet. Especially when you can search at length to find articles and reports that say what you already want to believe.

The disrespect shown our military by the Obama administration last weekend has only begun to show itself. Initially they said they had to get Bergdahl back because his life was in danger. In fact, it was said he was "at death's door." He sure didn't look that close to death when he walked unassisted to the helicopter the other day.

The Obama administration is calling Bergdahl's fellow soldiers liars. It's curious that when Bergdahl left his platoon buddies were (allegedly) forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. You know - like CIA employees were forced to sign after the Benghazi incident. The State Department says there is nothing in Bergdahl's file about him deserting so therefore it likely didn't happen. Let's see....  non-disclosure agreement and Bergdahl's walking away from his post isn't mentioned. Can you say cover-up?

The guys who signed non-disclosure agreements are now talking. The Army guys, anyway. (CIA employees are not talking. Maybe that's because CIA employees could disappear if they talk.)

What the Obama administration might not understand, but what Americans seem to understand, is that Bergdahl's fellow soldiers have no reason to lie about what happened. If he was captured by force, or wandered away while drunk and then captured, his buddies would be all about finding him and getting him back. They certainly wouldn't be calling for his court martial now that he is back in US hands.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel praised the trade saying "No shots were fired. There was no violence," said Hagel. "It went as well as we not only expected and planned, but I think as well as it could have. …The timing was right. The pieces came together." I can't help but wonder how he's going to walk that back when it's discovered that the Taliban 5 are back on the battlefield.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told reporters "It comes to us with some surprise and dismay that the transfers went ahead with no consultation, totally not following law. And in an issue with this kind of concern to a committee that bears the oversight responsibility, I think you can see that we're very dismayed about it ."

The other thing that concerns me is Bob Bergdahl, Bowe's father. In the Rose Garden on Saturday, standing beside President Obama, he said in Pashto, the language of the Taliban, “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.” President Obama obviously understood because he smiled when it was said - as if it was understandable that Bergdahl speaks Pashto.

Some give the senior Bergdahl the benefit of the doubt saying maybe he learned the language in an effort to find his son and get him released. That theory doesn't hold water with me. Bergdahl continuously posts Tweets about the suffering Afghan people and releasing all of the terrorists at Gitmo. I believe he is a Muslim sympathizer at best and a Muslim convert at worst.

Last, but certainly not least, is Obama's statement that "We don't leave men and women in uniform behind." He didn't feel that way about Ambassador Chris Stevens, his assistant, or the two former Navy SEALS, the only Americans who came to their defense. Of course, Obama can get away with that because those four Americans weren't active duty military. They were expendable.

On a good note (I suppose) - Senator Lindsay Graham has promised that if Obama ever does this again - releases Gitmo terrorists without going through proper channels - impeachment procedures will commence. I guess releasing five of the worst terrorists in the world to retrieve one deserter (and probable traitor), and breaking the law to do it, just doesn't quite qualify for impeachment huh, Senator? How many times does this President get to ignore the Constitution and his oath of office before you boneheads will actually do something about it???

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