Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Voting For Valid Reasons

When I'm in my car early in the morning (before 10) I listen to Mark Davis on WBAP out of Dallas. Mark is an articulate, well spoken conservative who listens to all points of view while maintaining intelligent dialogue with his callers. 

This morning when I turned it on he was having a conversation with a man who said he's a Democrat with some conservative values. He supports same sex marriage but not the legalization of drugs. He is pro-choice but fiscally conservative. He's against war but believes people have the right to own firearms. 

The man (a Texan himself) said he would vote for Rick Perry for President because he likes him. He also said he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Ted Cruz because he doesn't like Cruz. Mark Davis asked him what he thought would be different between a Cruz presidency and a Perry presidency and the man couldn't really answer except that he likes Perry and doesn't like Cruz.

The conversation went on for about 10 minutes before Davis moved on to his point for the segment. He talked about people voting for reasons that do not matter, such as skin color, gender, how "cool" they are, that it's "time for a black President or a female President," etc.

Historically it was a good day when Barack Obama was elected as the first African-American President. Just as it will be an historic day when a woman is elected President for the first time. But the candidate being black or being a woman is not a valid reason to elect the leader of the free world. Davis suggested that people follow his 3 point rule.

If you are going to support a candidate for President pick at least three important things he or she stands for and be able to articulate why you support them. That sounds like good advice. Things that are important should include national security, immigration control, fiscal responsibility, the economy and foreign policy. 

Notice I didn't say LGBT issues, abortion, gun control, or the gender of the candidate. Why? Because while those issues are important to many Americans, without the five I listed the others don't amount to a hill of beans. What difference is same sex marriage or abortion going to make if the country fails because of poor leadership? Gun control should actually be another consideration for voters because if we don't secure the borders and the economy fails people will be needing firearms more than ever to maintain the security of their homes and families.

When Obama was running for President many people voted for him because he's black. That is a fact. Some voted for him because he was cool. While others simply quoted his slogan - they wanted hope and change. (Normally when asked what change they wanted they were unable to articulate it other than "just change."

I've already heard some people, including CBS host Jane Pauley, express her feelings that Hillary should be the next President because "it's time for a woman." And while I have no problem with a qualified female President, I wouldn't vote for a woman, Republican or otherwise, simply because she's a woman. I will have to weigh her opinions and stances on important issues, just as I will weigh those of a male candidate.

Republicans need to win in November and they need to run a viable, conservative candidate in 2016. However, in my humble opinion there is one thing conservative voters need to stop doing. They need to stop abandoning candidates who do not make abortion and LGBT issues negative items in their campaigns. I'm not saying they should change their minds and be pro-everything. But those topics should not be a major campaign issue that would prevent a sound leader from being elected. Let's face it - this is 2014 and like it or not, same sex marriage and abortion are not going to go away simply by electing a conservative President. Even if conservatives won both Houses and the Presidency, they would be out of office in the next election if they made their priorities about doing away with those two things. Too many Americans are in favor of both. And there are more important issues for our nation's leaders to deal with.

Don't believe me? Take a look at all of the people who didn't like Romney and simply did not vote because of it. And look who we have in the White House... again.

I may get grief over my opinion but it won't be the first time, nor the last. As my blog title says - "the world according to me." To quote the great Dennis Miller...  "That's just my opinion. I could be wrong."

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