Monday, April 7, 2014

Why We Should Not CAIR

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has objected to a new film, "Honor Diaries," that exposes the custom of violence against Muslim women, depicting practices in Muslim countries described in the film as “systematic, institutionalized misogyny.”

The movie has been shown on many college campuses and at the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva despite CAIR's objections but CAIR has recently succeeded in getting the screenings cancelled on at least two campuses, one being at the University of Michigan. CAIR says they do not object to the movie itself but to the people who funded it and they want to get the word out about that so people can "make their own choices" about whether or not to see it.

Wait...  huh? They lobby to keep the movie from being seen so that people can make their own choices about seeing it?

In a recent segment on "The Kelly File" on FOX News, Megyn Kelly talked about the movie and about the controversy with CAIR. In fact, she had a representative from CAIR on the show. Agnieszka Karoluk, representing CAIR-Chicago, stated:

"We are against female genital mutilation, honor killings, any form of violence against women. What we do want to do, however, is tell the public about the funders behind this film so that the public can make their own informed decision about whether or not they want to show it, screen it or watch it."

In fact, during the interview Karoluk did not once reject or deny the content of the film but instead only complained about a group who funded it. That argument makes about as much sense as if someone made an accurate, historical documentary about slavery in the United States and the mistreatment of the slaves and the NAACP objected to the movie simply because it was funded by a white person.

The film was funded by the Clarion Project, a pro-Israel, non-profit organization whose stated mission is to "educate people about the inherent dangers of Islamic extremism, provide a platform for moderate Muslim voices, and motivates people to take an active stand against those who want to deny others their basic human rights." Its founder is of Canadian-Israeli descent.

“It’s a well-known, Islamophobic organization,” Karoluk claimed. “What I’m personally disgusted by as a Muslim woman, as a feminist, is that someone like the Clarion Project would take this film and use it to promote their own hate-filled agenda.”

Another guest on the show, human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein, responded “CAIR is obviously protesting the content of the film,” and said CAIR’s position was “indefensible,” calling CAIR “the PR arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.” She added, “If CAIR doesn’t want you to see it, you should take it a a cue to go out and watch this movie, because you know there’s truth contained therein.”

Megan Kelly said that CAIR had demanded an apology from her for the segment about the film the evening before. Her response was "Well, guess what - you're not getting it!" Good for her.

CAIR uses the same tactics to silence opposition as the left does. They try to intimidate with claims of racism, bigotry, hatred or Islamophobia in an effort to keep people from telling the truth about their "religion of peace." 

CAIR touts itself to be similar to a "Muslim NAACP." Yet they spread lies and hatred within the Muslim community and have ties to various radical Islamic groups, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are not our friends and, in my humble opinion, should not have as much influence with our government. Nor should they be allowed to bully people who object to Islamic violence.

It is not racist nor Islamophobic to tell the truth about Islam. It's necessary. Islam is spreading rapidly throughout the world and their goal is to convert everyone to Islam and eliminate those who refuse. CAIR is a part of that and is working to spread the cause of Islam here in the United States. And they are lying to the American people to do it.

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