Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nancy Pelosi: It's Time To Quit Blaming Bush

On Friday, April 4th, Nancy Pelosi spoke with reporters on Capital Hill and made the following statement:

“I have to note that today we have replaced all of the jobs lost under the Bush economic policies and recession that that took us into. It’s taken this long to build back from that.”

I wonder if Mrs. Pelosi should have said that out loud? By making that statement it seems clear that Democrats can no longer blame George W. Bush for the poor economy, high unemployment numbers and substantially smaller number of people in the work force.

When President Obama took office, in the middle of the recession, there were 80,507,000 people over the age of 16 who did not participate in the labor force. Even though the President and officials like Nancy Pelosi say unemployment has gone down, they are creating jobs and the economy is recovering, the number of people over 16 who are not in the work force today is over 90 million. 

The Obama administration says unemployment is down to 6.7%. Of course, they don't count those people who are unemployed but have given up looking for work so they are no longer a "documented" part of the unemployment numbers. Real unemployment numbers put the total about about 12.3% right now. But you won't hear that from the government or the main stream media.

The fact is that nearly 1/3 of the population over the age of 16 is not working. That's a whole lot more than 12.3%. Of course Democrats continue to blame the Republicans for job growth - even though the Democrats gave us Obamacare, which the CBO says will eliminate over 1 million full time jobs by 2020. But somehow that's the fault of the Republicans - even though they voted against the Obamacare bill.

Mrs. Pelosi is also the one who said that "unemployment checks are fastest way to create jobs." I actually have Democrat acquaintances who believe this and applauded her for saying it. The fact is that while unemployment checks may serve to maintain some jobs because of continued (albeit less) spending by consumers, they in no way create jobs - except maybe in the Unemployment Office. If that were true we'd have a booming economy because of the vast numbers of people on extended unemployment for the last five years.

Mrs. Pelosi, Harry Reid and many other Democrats live in a world where whatever they say, no matter how outrageous or obviously untrue, becomes truth to them. Harry Reid has flagrantly lied about numerous things over the last few years, both on the Senate floor and during press conferences. He has never been called those lies by the main stream media or the Obama administration. When on the Senate floor he called Americans liars because they spoke out about losing their health insurance or about their premiums going up because of Obamacare, Americans took offense. When it was proved those people were telling the truth, Reid denied ever saying it, even though there was video footage of his statement. When that lie didn't work he said he didn't remember saying what he said.

What's truly amazing to me is that Americans continue to vote for these people and some continue to blame Bush and Republicans for everything the Obama administration does wrong. Obama is in his sixth year as President. The economy still sucks, the number of people not working is still far higher than it was when he took office, and the number of people on welfare and food stamps has increased exponentially. But his blind, ignorant, and misguided followers fault him for none of it. Some even want him to be able to run for a third term.

It scares me when I find myself agreeing with Bill Maher but sometimes America really is a stupid country.

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