Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thoughts For A Thursday....

There has been a lot of controversy in the last five years about voter fraud. Democrats claim it doesn't exist - even though people have been prosecuted and incarcerated for it. There is also evidence in several states that people who are dead have registered and voted. Unwittingly, liberal progressives have proved what many people have believed since the beginning of civilization. If dead people vote in national elections does it not prove there is life after death??

OK - not as funny as it was when I heard it on TV last night. But it might be good for a laugh if you're talking to a liberal atheist.

Be glad you don't live in Australia and ride a bicycle. A 21 year old woman was texting and driving and hit a man on a bicycle, fracturing his spine. She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, was fined $4500 and lost her license for a year or so. But it seems the only thing she cares about is the license.

"I just don’t care because I’ve already been through a lot and my car is, like, pretty expensive and now I have to fix it," she told a responding officer two days after the Sept. 20 collision. "I’m kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit my car. I don’t agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist. I wasn’t on my phone when I hit the cyclist."

She did call for emergency responders after the accident - while parked 300 feet down the road. She did not get out nor offer any help to the victim. Nice girl.

There's another headline on AOL that says "Putin Admits To Sending Russian Troops To Crimea." Gee... was there anyone out there who didn't know this? 

On the politically correct front....  Golfer Bubba Watson celebrated his win in Augusta last week by taking his family to a local Waffle House for a meal. Watson tweeted a picture of himself and his family around the table. Apparently Mr. Watson patronizes this particular Waffle House whenever he is in town.

"We are very fortunate to call Bubba Watson one of our regulars," said a Waffle House vice president.  "After growing up in Florida and going to school in Georgia, we were glad to be there for him as he came up the ranks in golf. It's a testament to Bubba's character that even though he has two green jackets, he still comes to us for his grilled cheese and hash browns. All of the Waffle House Nation is proud today."

Nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge apparently took exception to the way Bubba Watson celebrated his win. She was on Neil Cavuto's show the other day complaining about it.

"Why are you sick about Bubba Watson eating at Waffle House after winning the Masters," Cavuto asked.

"Well, it would be great if celebrities and sports figures set a better example for our obese nation." she responded.

"Well, what's wrong with the Waffle House," Cavuto replied.

"There's nothing wrong with the Waffle House if it's an occasional splurge, but these gazillionaires love to show Americans that they're one of you," Tallmadge said. "And so, to win a popularity contest, they go to waffle houses, diners, steak places, when in reality, to be a great athlete or a celebrity in good shape, they don't really eat like that."

Apparently Ms. Tallmadge believes Watson's repeated visits to Waffle House in Augusta is a show to make people think he's "one of them." Gee - I bet Watson thought he was going there because he likes their grilled cheese and hash browns.

Watson also took his best friend and pastor with him. I can only imagine how politically incorrect it must be to be seen in public with your pastor...

The arrogance of people who not only presume they have a right to criticize you for where you eat but to assume that you're doing it to gain some sort of personal public approval. It seems Ms. Tallmadge believes everyone is like.... her.

Finally, in Lincoln, Nebraska, the other day a three year old boy who had been reported missing was found safe and secure - at the local bowling alley inside a claw machine filled with stuffed animals. It seems while the boy's mother was in the bathroom (according to her) the boy opened the front door and wandered out. The bowling alley is a few blocks from their home.

No one knows how the boy got into the machine but that's where he was. It was reported that police and bystanders ran out of quarters trying to get him out but that could be a rumor...

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