Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Who Ya Gonna Believe?

"When it comes to opinions about Vladimir Putin and his pending invasion of the Ukraine, I will listen to Geraldo Rivera's opinions over those of Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters," said no thinking American person, ever.

I posted the above statement Friday after watching both Lieutenant Colonel Peters and Geraldo Rivera on the O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly has a tendency to invite military experts onto his show and then tell them why their opinions are wrong. He didn't do that Friday - he let Geraldo do it.

Last night O'Reilly read an e-mail from a viewer that challenged Geraldo's "expertise" in war strategies. O'Reilly's answer was "Geraldo has been in more war zones than any other correspondent on television." And that means what, exactly?

Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters spent 22 years in the United States Army, 10 years working in military intelligence then moving on to Foreign Area Officer and specializing in the Soviet Union. He knows a thing or two about Putin and how he thinks.

Geraldo has reported several wars on location during his career. He never specialized in the Soviet Union - although he may have visited the Soviet Union. I have no idea.

So all things considered it is my humble opinion that Ralph Peters probably knows just a little bit more, however so small, about Putin and his military strategies and intentions. Of course - there I go being logical again.

Giving Geraldo credit for knowing about war strategies and military actions in general because he's "been in more war zones than any other correspondent on television.," is similar to people believing Hillary Clinton would be a good President because she has lived in the White House. Sadly, there are a lot of people in this country who believe that. So I'm sure there are those who will trust Geraldo over Ralph Peters.

Tonight, O'Reilly's talking points Memo was about how President Obama has had five years to fix the economy (instead of the three that he stated during his first term) and instead focuses on less important things like income equality, marriage equality and gender equality. Social issues are noble (to a point) but when the world is on fire and life in America is falling apart and the President of the United States, who is supposed to be the leader of the free world, put's social issues ahead of our national defense, our economy, our world standing, and our relationships with our allies, there's something wrong.

Since worldwide travel became common the United States has been the world leader for good. We stood up for the little guys and fought evil throughout the world just because it needed to be done. That seems to have changed in the last five years. Lately the administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood, alienates Israel - who is our closest ally in the Middle East, ignores the murders of thousands of Christians at the hands of Muslims, and tells NASA their new mission is to convince Muslims they have contributed greatly to science.

The priorities of this administration are a bit skewed. A strong, capitalist economy is the best way to help people become more equal - with an income. Nearly half of the population of the United States is now on food stamps - up by nearly 3 million on Obama's watch. Roughly the same amount do not pay income taxes. There are less people in the work force today than there were in 2008. And we wonder why we have financial problems. (Liberals like to blame it on the rich and want to tax them exponentially but the fact is that if we had more people working the government would have more revenue.)

The Obama administration is failing the people - but many of the people are too blind to see it. Our enemies around the world see America growing weaker - not only our economy but our military as it is being gutted by the Commander-in-Chief. The best thing that President Obama could do for the country the economy and the rest of the world is resign. Joe Biden would become President and as scary as that is - when Republicans take the Senate and retain the House in November he will be rendered as useless as we all know he is. And maybe, just maybe, we'll survive the next two years after that.

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