Thursday, April 24, 2014

Conservative Principles Don't Work... Or Do They?

I find it amazing sometimes when I read liberal articles and blogs condemning conservative governors who are not only succeeding but have turned their states from huge debt to treasury surpluses. There are so many examples of how conservative principles rescue floundering economies and put people back to work yet liberals refuse to see and admit it. And if they can't discount what the governors are doing then they discount the way he/she is doing it or the actual person in office.

Take Governor Scott Walker. Amid great opposition, including a recall election (that he won), and big union protests, he has turned the $3.6 billion dollar deficit into a $911 million surplus. His critics complain that while he has reduced the deficit, unemployment is at 6%. Wow - unemployment is lower than the national average and that's what liberals complain about? Apparently they're OK with a huge fiscal deficit.

Let's look at Florida. Rick Scott has brought Florida's unemployment numbers below the national average. But because he hasn't yet reached his stated goal from the campaign, liberals are decrying him as a failure. According to one liberal article, Rick Scott's success with the Florida economy has surprised economists. Yet liberals still say he's a failure.

How about Texas? The unemployment rate in Texas is about 6.2% - lower than the national average. Home sales continue to be strong. The state has no income taxes yet in the last three years Texas has gone from a deficit of $27 billion to a surplus of $8.8 billion. Once again, Rick Perry shows conservative principles prove sound and effective.

Jump next door to Louisiana. Bobby Jindal has lead a growing economy in the last few years. Louisiana is one of only 12 states that has more people working today than in 2008.


According to Politifact, between 2007 and 2012 (the last year for which data is available), inflation-adjusted GDP grew by 2.5 percent nationally, but by 6.4 percent in Louisiana. And as of March 2014, their unemployment rate was 4.5%. He must be doing something right.

In South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has cut unemployment to 5.5% and has had a fiscal surplus average of $106 million. She cut taxes for small businesses and has worked to bring new companies into South Carolina which has made hers the fastest growing state on the East Coast.

And finally, let's go North to Ohio, where Governor John Kasich has turned the economy from deficit to surplus and shrunk their unemployment rate to 6.1%. The state saw a surplus in 2012 for the first time in several years. Kasich credits his success to Reagan-style policies: “Balancing budgets, being fiscally responsible, common-sense regulations, and tax cuts.”

And now for the biggest example that conservative principles work. In New York, where the government is facing financial difficulties, high unemployment and people are moving to other states because taxes are so high, Governor Cuomo has resorted to at least one conservative principle in an effort to get new companies to open plants in his state. He is offering tax-free status to companies that start new businesses in his state. That's hard-line conservatism. Cuomo is the guy who told conservatives they really aren't wanted in New York. I wonder if he'll now have to leave his own state...?

Like it or not, conservative principles do work effectively. The left doesn't like them because it's about capitalism and everyone is not going to get an equal piece of the pie. What they don't seem to realize is that in a socialist government and even a communistic government - there will always be the haves and have nots. Except in those types of governments there are far more have nots.

With so many people now using federal government assistance to make their livings, nearly 50% of Americans, how could successful capitalism be a bad thing?

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