Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Miracle That (Apparently) Is Obamacare....

The White House and state-run media are making it known that the goal of 7 million people signing up for Obamacare by March 31st was reached before the deadline ended at midnight Monday.

According to White House spokesman, Jay Carney, over 4 million people visited Monday and nearly 1 million people picked out plans, despite the fact that the web site went down twice. "We surpassed everyone's expectations," Carney said at the White House daily press briefing. Everyone's, that is, except their own.

Let's take a quick look at some figures concerning Obamacare enrollment and approval of Obamacare. In the first five and a half months, according to published White House figures, 5 million people signed up for Obamacare. There was never a way to check to see if those people had actually paid to purchase an insurance plan and the White House was showing no evidence to back their numbers. It was simply a lesson in "don't ask - don't tell." As long as reporters didn't ask for verification the White House certainly was not going to provide it.

With the March 31st deadline drawing near and waivers of every type being given to anyone and everyone who wanted one, in the last two weeks the Obama administration would have you believe that 2 million additional people signed up with half of that number signing up on Monday alone. It's quite difficult to believe.

A study by the Rand Corporation puts the number of people who have actually paid for and obtained valid insurance at 858,000. A visit to the website and selecting a plan means nothing if the plan wasn't actually purchased.

Now let's talk about the approval numbers for Obamacare. Five days ago an AP poll showed Obamacare had a 26% approval rating among the American people. 26%. Yesterday, abc and the Washington Post announced a new poll revealed the approval rating for Obamacare has climbed to 49% - an increase of 23 percent  in four days. Really?

The AP put out a statement today that said the reason for the large discrepancy was merely the wording of the questions. We all know that polling questions, particularly in polls conducted by the main stream media and liberal newspapers, are worded to attain a specific outcome. Obamacare needed a boost and ABC and the Washington Post conspired to give it one.

The main stream media is calling it a "miracle." Citing several different "anonymous White House sources" they are ecstatic over the fact that the President has reached his goal of 7 million enrollees. Their proof of said 7 million enrollees is because the White House said so. Period. I call it B.S.

So for one moment let's imagine it's true - that they reached their goal of 7 million. How many of those 7 million are among the 6 million people who lost their health care plans due to Obamacare? If six million people lost their coverage and 7 million purchased coverage then health care coverage in the Unites States has grown by 1 million. That still leaves 39 million people without health care coverage - a far cry from what the White House has been saying they wanted and needed.

The Obama administration is really good at manipulating numbers. They've done it since day one with the unemployment numbers and are doing it with Obamacare. But since we have a main stream media that are mostly just cheerleaders for team Obama - we may never know the truth. Although there are bets circulating these days about how many days/weeks it will take the administration to admit the numbers "weren't exactly right." I might have to get in on that...

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