Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Interesting Idea For Voter Identification

Yesterday I read something that was supposedly suggested by former President Bill Clinton concerning voter identification and may be the best idea I've heard yet. If instituted, it would solve the voter ID problem painlessly and finally do away with the ridiculous notion that voter ID disenfranchises minorities.

There is no requirement to carry identification when out and about unless you are operating a vehicle, in which case you are required in all states to carry a valid driver's license. (Except in California where it is mandatory to carry a valid ID even when operating a bicycle.) However, people are required to provide valid identification for so many other things (opening a bank account and/or cashing a check, renting a hotel room, buying liquor or cigarettes if you look underage, getting on a plane, applying for food stamps or welfare, applying for Medicaid or Social Security [but not Obamacare], applying for a job or for unemployment, etc.) so having personal identification is really a must for everyone. Except liberals want you to believe it's unfair to make people have identification. Oh, and an ID was mandatory for anyone wishing to get into the Democratic National Convention.

Liberals also deny the existence of voter fraud in elections, even though there have been prosecutions of numerous people for that very thing. And there is proof that hundreds of dead people have voted, some more than once - the most recent cases in North Carolina.

Republicans and conservatives have been trying for several years to make identification mandatory to vote in national elections. Some states have passed voter ID laws, much to the dismay of Democrats and Eric Holder. They're still stuck on the "disenfranchise" nonsense.

President Clinton's idea, which is actually a good one, is to put every person's ID photo on their Social Security Card. A Social Security account is mandatory for all Americans (I haven't heard liberals complain about that...) so everyone would have a card with their picture on it. And they could use it for voter identification purposes.

I'm sure the left will come up with a reason this would be a bad idea because it would put an end to voter fraud once and for all. But since it's from one of their beloved leaders maybe some of them will consider it. Nah...  it's too sensible.

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