Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Wise Man's Thoughts And Opinions

Nope.  Not mine. I consider myself intelligent and fairly well educated by life itself but the wise words I'm talking about today aren't my own. They are from a Sheriff in Wisconsin who has been in the news lately for telling the citizens of his county that arming themselves is the best way to fight crime.

According to Sheriff David A. Clarke, of Milwaukee Country, Wisconsin, more legal guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens would mean less crime in the community. Sheriff Clarke, an African-American who served as a patrol officer and eventually commander of the Milwaukee Police Department before being appointed Sheriff by the governor in 2002, says "the job of police is to investigate crime, not stop it." Because by the time the police are called the crime is in progress or has already been committed.

A wise man indeed.

These days Sheriff Clarke is bound to stir up hatred and anger among liberals and African-American acitivists for his recent comments in the Washington Times about education and the racist and harmful views liberals have on how minority groups should be treated as opposed to whites.

In Clarke's own words:

The latest attempt by liberals to help black people is underway in our K-12 urban public schools.

These do-gooders are now defining down socially acceptable behavior for black students in school. Bad behavior is being excused and attempts to hold black kids accountable by enforcing codes of conduct are called racist.

Having a sense of discipline has always been considered a virtue, a redeeming quality, but now its roots are claimed to lie in racism.

White liberal elites have chimed in about school codes of conduct.

The Sheriff went on:

Liberals call their ideology compassionate. I call it hateful.

You would have to absolutely loathe black people to want to keep them mired in generational poverty and ignorance, living in ghettos with high unemployment, with their kids shackled to failing K-12 urban school systems and crime-ridden neighborhoods just to secure a permanent voting majority and to hang onto political power.

This is borderline sociopathic behavior.

Black people are survivors. We have survived slavery, Jim Crow laws and other forms of discrimination. We can overcome the burden of liberal policies if they just leave us alone to get out of this predicament by ourselves.

I find it insulting that liberals view us in such an infantile manner, implying that we cannot make it without their help.

Once we free our minds of this debilitating government dependency and liberals get their boot off our necks, we can begin to rebuild our community.

One great example of the validity of the Sheriff's words come from the state of Louisiana - where Eric Holder and the Justice Department are suing to end the charter schools program that is primarily aimed at lifting poor minority students out of poverty. Say's Governor Bobby Jindal"

Sadly, the “gainful employment” mess mirrors the Obama administration's actions in Louisiana. Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder filed a federal lawsuit seeking to impede our state's innovative school choice program. Despite the fact that minority students comprise the overwhelming majority of school choice voucher recipients, Holder and the Justice Department cited federal civil rights laws and cases in seeking to block the voucher program. My administration has fought those efforts because we don't believe Washington regulations should deny low-income and African-American students the quality education they will need to succeed in life.

Louisiana's school choice program works. According to Governor Jindal, from 2011 to 2013, students who had been trapped in failing schools and now attend scholarship schools showed improvement on literacy and math tests. The share of students performing at grade level rose 7 percent, state data shows, even though in 2013, 60 percent of students taking the test had been in their new schools for only eight months. More than 90 percent of parents of students participating in the program reported satisfaction with their children’s schools.

The federal government's efforts to block these successful programs are not about education or segregation but about control and appeasing Obama's buddies in the teachers' unions. Teachers' unions hate school choice programs because they take students out of the public sector. Not to mention the fact that public schools have become a bastion of liberal ideas where students are taught to regurgitate those ideas rather than think for themselves. And with the new Common Core curriculum now in our public schools the liberal brainwashing of America's children is only going to get worse.

God bless Sheriff Clarke and his refreshing opinions on liberalism in general. He has, no doubt, made himself a target of liberal hatred and will probably be subjected to a hate campaign from the left very soon. But I have a feeling he can handle it.

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