Monday, October 25, 2010

Treason is Still Treason

The recent, second release of classified war documents by the website Wickileaks brings real concern to many Americans, including me.  These documents, which apparently don’t reveal a great deal of information that wasn’t revealed in the first publication of classified documents, were released to various media outlets, such as the very liberal New York Times, even after the U.S. government asked Wickileaks not to release this type of information anymore.  Apparently Wickileaks has decided that releasing classified military documents is their duty to the world, regardless of whether or not it causes greater problems in the war against terror and those fighting it.
The greater problem here, however, is the source of these classified documents.  One active duty military man was arrested the last time and charged with releasing classified information.  Is there another leak within the military or did that same person give Wickileaks an enormous amount of information that they are only releasing over time?  If there’s another source within the military that source needs to be found, court martialed for treason, and shot if found guilty.  Releasing classified documents to the media should be a treasonous offense punishable by death, at least in my humble opinion.  Classified information is classified for a reason, and not just to “hide” it from the public.  There are many things that happen in a war that the public doesn’t need, or in many cases even want to know.  In wars, people die.  Sometimes innocent people die and more often enemy soldiers die.  That’s just the way it is and often these deaths can’t be prevented. 
Of course there are cases of abuse and even criminal acts that our military administration must deal with and it seems they have been paying particular attention lately.  Case in point, the five who are currently up on charges for killing civilians in Afghanistan in a game-like fashion.  When the military discovers this type of act they take the proper action to stop it and punish the offenders.  But like it or not, sometimes innocent people die in a war and it wasn’t anyone’s particular fault.  Those innocent people were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  War is an ugly but necessary business.  No matter what the peaceniks say, as long as human beings have differing opinions on things such as politics, religion, homeland, borders, etc., there are going to be wars.  It’s been that way since the beginning of civilization and will be that way until the end of the world.
As for Wickileaks, I don’t know if anyone there can be prosecuted since they are only releasing what they have been given.  But if any action can be taken, I hope the government takes it all the way.  For those people who believe releasing classified military documents is a good thing, you really need to think long and hard on the reasons you are able to live and work in a free society.  The U.S. military, with its secret, classified and top secret information, is what allows you to live the life you have and is what will allow you to continue living the life you have in the future.  Forgive my bluntness but if you don't like the way we do things in this country there are plenty of others you may find more suitable to what you want.


  1. We seem to forget that in World War 2, we firebombed Dresden Germany, and tens of thousands of civilians died or were maimed for life. No apology needed. It's called War. No apology from Islamists for all the causalities at the WT Center. They consider themselves to be at war with us. I say, kill 'em all, and let God sort them out.

  2. The war on terror is still a very necessary conflict, regardless of the whining of those who wouldn't defend freedom if their own was in immediate jeopardy. Like the Prime Minister of Australia said "If you don't like our country, exercise your freedom to leave."