Friday, October 22, 2010

France, Greece and the USA

For those people who support President Obama’s far left agenda, which is moving us steadily toward a Marxist/Socialist state, I ask you to please take a look at France and Greece.  France and Greece have had socialist governments for years, which included government run health care and early retirements with big pensions for most workers.  Their governments are in financial ruins because of it and now that the government is trying to make the necessary changes to bring their finances under control, the people who have benefitted from  these “perks” are rioting in the streets and telling the government they won’t stand for the proposed changes. 
France has decided to raise the minimum retirement age from age 60 to 62, a two year increase that would save the country a lot of money.  And because the people are so accustomed to retiring at 60 with big pensions, they are striking, rioting and protesting all over the country, basically shutting the country down.  In Greece the average retirement age is 61 and health care is provided by the government.  Greece is broke.  When their government said they were raising the retirement age by 5 years people went crazy and there was rioting in the streets.
Various European governments right now are telling President Obama that socialism and government health care will be a failure in the long run, yet he believes he can do it differently (and better) than those countries who have been doing it for years.  In addition, various European governments, including Germany, are telling Obama to stop spending and stop moving our country toward fiscal disaster.  He’s not listening to them on that subject either.
Funny how people get used to their government giving them certain benefits then, when the government asks for something in return, the people revolt.  The same thing will happen in the United States.  If our government continues to increase entitlements and handouts and give more and more to the unions simply to secure their electoral support, we are doomed as a nation.  Union pensions are already becoming an issue in this country and the unions are wielding a lot of power in Washington – lobbying for pension bailouts in return for campaign donations and votes.
It’s only a matter of time.  If we continue down the left turning path we’re on, the United States will be on worldwide television one day and the world will be watching our people riot in the streets because we’re broke and they’re being asked to accept cutbacks.  It can be stopped, but it needs to happen now.  Vote against the left-wing, Marxist/socialist agenda. 

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  1. Look at the Romans. They tried to please hoi polloi, and so they came up with the stadium games, and gladiators to take the people's mind off what was happening. We have reality TV. 50% of the country gets a handout, and pays no taxes. It is just a matter of time, til it all explodes in violence. Get a gun or three, and become accurate with it to protect what little you have, including your life, if so inclined.