Monday, October 11, 2010

How's that stimulus package working for ya?

From Dan Spencer:

"The government unemployment report that the economy lost another 95,000 jobs and that the unemployment rate remained stuck at 9.6 percent in September is a disaster for the Obama/Democrats.

The government’s broader measure of unemployment, sometimes referred to “true unemploytment,” now stands at 17.1 percent. As  the Washington Post’s Frank Ahrens puts it, you are not included in the “official” unemployment rate if, a) you would like to have a full-time job but can find only part-time work, and b) if you’ve grown so discouraged at finding work, you’ve simply given up:

If you include all of these people into the number — all of the people who should be working full time but are not — the truer U.S. unemployment rate is a much higher 16.8 percent."

The government only reports those who are actively receiving unemployment compensation and still looking for work.  So these numbers are misleading, at best.  The President promised no more than 8% unemployment and said the stimulus package would make that happen, yet it continues to go up.  The President talks about how the economy is improving and the stimulus package is working even as 95,000 more people lose their jobs in September.

So how's taht stimulus package working for you?


  1. They just don't get, nor ever will, that a free market will not brook interference! The arrogant bastards think anything they decree will make things well.

  2. I think they know better than that, but I believe once they get an idea in their heads they're bent on making it happen, no matter the consequences. The health care law is a perfect example. They know it's a bad law and won't do what they say it will, but it's their idea and they've been trying to pass a health care bill for years. They finally did it, regardless of what the cost will be.

  3. It must be working, Harry Reid claimed that if it wasn't for him, we would be in a world wide recession.

  4. Thank God (not!) for Harry Reid. He may lose yet.