Monday, October 11, 2010

Chamber of Commerce vs Obama...

The President is attacking the United States Chamber of Commerce calling them a "threat to democracy" because they have received some funding from outside the USA.  The Chamber of Commerce does accept money from some foreign corporations that have American business interests. The Chamber has been quick to point out that it keeps those funds segregated and does not use them for political advocacy.

While criticizing the Chamber of Commerce, the President fails to mention that his Presidential campaign received huge donations from sources outside the country.  It seems this is just another example of the President saying "Do as I say, not as I do."  How is it that the man can criticize others for doing what he does?  I know he's arrogant - that has been obvious since he first appeared on the public scene.  But to blatantly chastize one agency for doing something that is not only legal but that he himself did just two short years ago is beyond arrogance.  It's ruling class, pompous, hypocrisy.  And it's all too common in the Obama administration.

November 2nd is coming.  Vote.

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