Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fair is fair, right?

Sunday on Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer was talking to David Axelrod about the President's allegations that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is taking foreign money and using if for unethical, if not illegal purposes.  The President offers no evidence to support these allegations yet when asked for such evidence, Axelrod responded "What evidence do they have to prove they're not doing it?"  Schieffer's incredulous response to this was "Is that all you've got?"

So the White House is making unsubstantiated allegations against a Federal agency that has opposed his policies concerning businesses and taxes and telling America it's up to the agency to prove they did nothing wrong rather than the White House prove the Chamber of Commerce did anything wrong.

In the spirit of fairness, Rush Limbaugh today made an unsubstantiated allegation against President Obama and his staff.  Limbaugh accused the President and his staff of being paid by the Chinese (who's top military leader recently said America is an enemy of China) to cause the failure of the United States economy and said Obama is getting his paychecks from China.  By Mr. Obama's own standards, Limbaugh then called on the President to prove that this allegation is not true.

Whether you like or dislike Rush Limbaugh, and even if you think the allegation is silly and maybe even disrespectful, fair is fair, isn't it?  The point is - if the President can hurl out unsubstantiated allegations and then try to make everyone consider that agency guilty until the prove otherwise, why can't the same thing be done to him?  Of course the only thing Obama will do with Limbaugh's allegations, if he responds at all, will be to say something derogatory about Rush and decry anything he says, probably criticizing FOX News at the same time.

I'm getting seriously tired of the double standards in Washington, on both sides of the aisle but particularly from the White House.  The White House is supposed to be an example to the American people yet lately all we get from them are double standards, continued vilification of anyone who opposes their views and a whining, crybaby attitude.  Even Bill Clinton is getting in on the whining and vilification of people who oppose Democrats, liberals and/or progressivism.  George W. Bush, like him or hate him, had more class than to do that while he was President and now as a former President.  Obama could learn something from Bush if he wasn't so busy blaming him for everything.


  1. Now come on Mr. "No know it all", who doesn't like Rush? The man is right 99% of the time. He knows what makes leftists tick and is good at exposing their soft underbelly. (which consists of lies and duplicity)

  2. There was a time when I though Rush was merely a pompous, self-centered blowhard who tooted his own horn more than putting out anything useful. Then I actually began listening to what he was saying. I discovered his self-centered rants are merely made in fun and the information he puts out is very accurate and relevant. You might say I woke up to the truth. Liberals and progressives hate Rush because he points out the flaws in their beliefs and it destroys their confidence. So they attack rather than change. Completely understandable but sad.

  3. A lot of people are that way about Rush. The man is a genius, but he rubs people the wrong way. Tough noogies baby!

  4. Carl Rove was on the Sean Hannity show last week and Sean asked him why President Bush had not criticized the current president or defended himself. Carl Rove responded that President Bush keeps his silence out of respect for the office of the President. That's class.

  5. I agree Dave. Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, George W. Bush has demonstrated more class than our current President all the way around. He could be out there, like Carter and Clinton, bashing Obama and his policies but he doesn't do it, out of respect for not only the office but for Obama as President. Obama will never have that class and you can bet, as soon as he's voted out, he'll be whining in public.