Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Politics according to Pat Sajak

The infamous host of "Wheel of Fortune" wrote an article for Ricochet.com, a blog site that professes to have representation from across the board, both politically and culturally.  I haven't researched it yet to see if that's true but I did read Pat Sajak's post this morning and found it to be very accurate.

Sajak said that while Republicans will most likely gain majority status in the upcoming election in November, they really need to do something positive once they gain that status.  I have to agree.  One of the left's comebacks to criticism of what the left has or hasn't done is "Well, what have the Republicans done?"  And while that's a lame response ini a discussion and no defense of the policies of the left, it's actually a valid question.  Many Republicans are leaning more and more toward the progressive movement and abandoning their conservative roots.  That's the reason many of the incumbent Republicans, powerful Republicans, will be losing their seats in November as well. 

Republicans have no real plan to enact once they gain majority status.  Eric Cantor and his group of young Republicans put out their new "Contract With America" two weeks ago but the truth is - it really didn't say much.  It was very vague and there was no discernable plan of action.  So it's just more talk. 

Pat Sajak has a very valid point.  If Republicans don't have a plan to change things they're simply going to occupy seats in the House and Senate and continue the same 'ol, same 'ol.  That course of action may slow down the far left-wing movement of the last 21 months but it won't turn the country around, create jobs, improve the economy and improve our standing in the world.  And that will be a true shame and a wasted opportunity.

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  1. Giving power to politicians is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenagers. (P.J.O'Rourke) I like the idea of "Throw out all the bums!"